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Project #147: Tealight Advent Calendar

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Kids | DIY Tealight advent calendar

DIY Tealight advent calendar by Véronique from Pichouline

As we often have powercuts here in Africa and nowhere Christmas tree to find, I tought "let’s make a tealight advent calendar", so we can bring the Christmas atmosphere at home!

what you'll need:
*magnetic chalkboard wallpaper
*window marker / chalk / stencil
*24 magnets
*24 flickering tealights (on batteries)
 Bloesem Kids | DIY Tealight advent calendar

Step 1:

Attach the magnets on the back of your tealights. You don’t need glue to attach the magnets because the inside of your tealight certainly contains metal so the magnet will stick to itself.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Tealight advent calendar

Start to draw the numbers on your chalkboard using a window marker, of course you can use chalk. If you don’t have a consistent handwriting (like me) you can use a stencil.

Let’s turn on the lights…one by one….let the countdown begin!


Bloesem Kids | DIY Tealight advent calendar 

All images by Véronique

.. Pichouline

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