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Project #182: Split-pin robot puppet

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

DIY Split-pin Robot puppets by Laura Murray

Paper craft is a great activity for kids; it's develops fine motor skills and has minimal materials and clean-up. Kid's will enjoy cutting out and creating this adorable split-pin robot. And when they're done, they'll have hours of entertainment making puppet shows and poses with this fully-jointed little character! - Laura

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

What you will need:
* Corrugated cardboard in multiple colours
* Split pins in fun colours
* Scissors
* Masking tape
* Large circle punch (optional)

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

Step 1: First, cut a large rectangle for the body (mine was around 15cm x 10cm) from corrugated cardboard. Then cut some smaller rectangles in contrasting colours to layer on top. Attach these rectangles using split pins to give the impression of panels of buttons. It can help to first poke a hole in the cardboard with the point of your scissors or a large needle (kid's will need supervision for this!) to make inserting the split-pins easier.

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

Step 2: Next, cut a piece of card for the head (my was approx 8cm x 6cm) and punch (or simply cut) two large circles for eyes and attach with split pins. Now cut a piece 6.5cm long and around 4cm wide and attach with masking tape to the bottom of the head and top of the body. Now your robot has a neck!

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

Step 3: For the arms and legs, cut 4 strips around 17cm long and 4cm wide. Cut each strip in half and then rejoin with a split pin to make  elbow and knee joints. Then attach to the body. Add extra rectangles on the bottom of the legs to make feet.

Bloesem kids | Kids craft: DIY Split-Pin Robot

And there you go! - Laura

Thank you for the cool craft Laura!

- Laura

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