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#Project 195: DIY Summer Vases

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem kids craft | DIY easy summer vases

DIY Summer Vases by Wimke

Next month it's there: summer! Another perfect season with flipflops, ice-cream, summer-holiday, living in the garden, swimming and flowers in our hair. An easy craft project which you can make (and put) outside. Inside the house I have lots of little vases with small flowers, but why not place freshly picked flowers on your porch or at the garden table. Collect empty glass jars, balloons and flowers and make these summers vases within 15 minutes.

Bloesem kids craft | DIY easy summer vases

What you'll need:
* glass jars
* balloons
* scissors
* self-picked flowers

Bloesem kids craft | DIY easy summer vases

Steps: Get the best results when you use clean jars. Take a balloon and blow them up. Cut the spout of the balloon and a small half circle of the top. Pull the balloon over the bottom of the jar and that's the first one done! Make as many as you like.. - Wimke

Bloesem kids craft | DIY easy summer vases

Thank you Wimke! We're ready to party this summer..

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