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#Project 201: Confetti poppers DIY craft project

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem kids craft project | DIY confetti poppers

DIY Confetti Poppers by Wimke

We are in a big partymood! My sister is getting married and asked me to think about the party decorations. I am a big fan of party decorations! You can do so much with stuff you already have in your house. With my girls we made confetti poppers out of toilet rolls. So easy and the party effect is big!

What you'll need:
* Toilet rolls
* wrapping paper (mine had gold glitter on it)
* tape
* balloons
* glue
* scissors
* hole puncher (with different shapes would be nice!)
* coloured paper to make confetti with

Bloesem kids craft project | DIY confetti poppers

Step 1: Wrap the wrapping paper around the toilet roll.
Step 2: Cut the top of a balloon. Tie a knot at the end of the balloon and put the balloon at the top of the toilet roll. 
Step 3: Secure the balloon to the top of the toilet roll with coloured tape. 
Step 4: Punch confetti. If you have hole punchers with shapes, create a mixture of different shapes with different colours. The more the merrier.
Step 5: Fill the open end of the toilet roll popper with confetti and pull the knot of the balloon and release to pop! Watch the confetti fly!

Bloesem kids craft project | DIY confetti poppers

For my sister's wedding we will be filling up the poppers with glitter and confetti! Definitely try them out for your summer time party decor. - Wimke

Thank you Wimke

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