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Project #66 Acorn Owls


Acorn Owls by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

These humble acorn owls make are small enough to pop in your bag and entertaining enough to provide plenty of fun at a restaurant.

What you’ll need:
*Felt scraps (or colored paper)
*Glue and paintbrush


Step 1:
Cut out eyes, beak and wings
Step 2:
Glue body parts onto acorn
Step 3:
Cut out a branch, flower, leaves or other fun accessories
Step 4:
Step 4? You’re done!

What other animals can you make? Try a pig, cat or rabbit…


..Curly Birds..

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Project #64 BloesemKids' Party Hats


BloesemKids' Party Hat by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Give your kid’s party an extra wow by creating custom party hats.  These simple hats are quick, easy and oh so cute.

What you’ll need:
*Thin cardstock (or translucent plastic found in the craft store paper section)
*Double-sided tape
*Pen or pencil


Step one:
Cut party hat to size – flatten an old hat brought home from a friend’s party as a pattern.
Step two:
To decorate the hat, draw and cut out a simple shape relevant to your party theme. Remember to draw the reverse image on the back of the card stock.
Step three:
Roll the card stock into a cone and tape together. Take care that the tip of the hat comes to a nice point.
Step four:
To give the decorations a 3D look, cut thin strips of card and twirl them with a pen or pencil.
Step five:
Attach decorations to hat with double-sided tape.
Step six:
With the tip of the scissors, make a small hole in the hat. Thread the elastic through the hole and knot. For extra strength, stick a piece of tape over the knot. Cut the elastic to size and repeat for the other side.

You’re ready to Party!

..Curly Birds..

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