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Project #107: Colored Easter eggs


Colored Easter eggs by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem

Here's perhaps the easiest craft project you can think of. But my 3 year old son loved it. When it comes to Holidays I am pretty old-fashioned and coloring of eggs with Easter is a simple must in my family :) I remember growing up and doing this with my mom and no w I am happy to do it wiht my sons.. It doesn't matter whether the eggs are not evenly colored... most important is let your kids do it and let them have fun playing with the colors.

what you'll need:

*food coloring powder in different colors
*white wine vinegar
* bowls, spoons


Step 1:
boil eggs for about 10 minutes
Step 2:
add vinegar, water and food coloring powder in a small bowl
Step 3:
place the luke-warm eggs into the bowl
Step 4:
turn over and over or porr the coloring over the eggs with a small spoon.
Step 5:
let them dry on a seperate tray or plate
Step 6:
once dry grease them with a little bit of butter for a nicer shine.


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Project #82: DIY dinosaurs fabric wall stickers


Fabric wall stickers by (me) Irene

My son loves dinosaurs and asked me several times whether he could stick stickers on the wall. I was not so excited about this idea so I searched the internet for a nice alternative. When I saw an example of wall stickers that I simply could iron on the wall, I knew that this was something for me. At the local quilt / embroidery shop, I found the steam-a-seam material, printed out two dinosaurs to use as templates and got some of favorite fabric: linen. I'm happy with the result, as it is perfectly solid and it looks like the real-deal to me...

The materials you will need:
* Steam-a-Seam (available in quilt shops, craft stores)
* Fabric
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Masking tape
* Iron


Step 1

Create your own image or use one of the many templates you can find on the Internet and print it out and cut it out on paper.

Step 2

To make sure that the image you like looks good on the wall use some masking tape and see if size is good.

Step 3

Place the fabric wrong side up and paste the adhesive side of the steam-a-seam material on the wrong side of fabric.

Step 4

Now place the picture with the wrong side of the steam-a-seam paper glued to the fabric. (The image is flipped to the right side forward on the wall to have.)

Step 5

Use a pencil to trace the image and cut it on the double layer of steam-a-seam and the fabric. Use a very sharp scissors to prevent fraying of the fabric.

Step 6

Place the images in the right direction on the wall and use masking tape again to hold it.

Step 7

Iron (without water) and set as the iron is hot, no steam function, gently iron over the image. You don't need to press too hard and not too long, it attaches very quickly. Of Course remove the masking tape during the ironing.


And that's all! You now have your own fabric Wall Stickers. I could easily take the stickers off again without damaging the wall. But for now I leave them, Lode really likes his new friends. (please note they can not be re-used)


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