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Project #62 Vintage Towel Bib


Vintage Towel Bib by Kayanna Nelson aka June craft

I always see cute little vintage towels on my thrift store excursions but always pass them by because I have no idea what I'd do with them. I've seen those towel bibs before where they slide over the baby's head but the towels I always find are small and wouldn't be enough fabric for that style. After finding these adorable ones on my last thrifting trip for only .65 cents each I was determined to make something work. This small bias trimmed bib is perfect for using up old hand or kitchen towels that are too small for other projects. They're colorful, super absorbent, east to wash and so fast to make you can whip up a whole set in an hour. They'd make a great gift to a new mom!

What you'll need:
*Bias tape in coordinating colors
*Vintage towel or a towel that you're ready to retire
*Thread (You can use a color that matches the bias tape or a color that contrasts for a little more interest like I did on my orange and green bib)
*Towel Bib Template ( Download TowelBibTemplate)
*Sewing Machine


Step one:
Begin by laundering your towels if you've purchased thrift store ones.
Step two:
Cut your towels down to about 9in. x 9in square. My towels had crocheted tops which I just cut off and then trimmed to 9in x 9in.  
Step three:
Print out the bib template and cut it out (Download TowelBibTemplate). If your towel is very bright turn it to the wrong side to trace the pattern so you can easily see your line.
Step four:
Cut out the bib.
Step five:
Pin the bias tape around the edges of the bib, beginning on the right side and ending on the left not continuing across the top. Make sure the shorter side of the bias tape is on the front side of the bib so that when you sew you catch all of the tape. Use lots of pins so that the tape lays nice and flat with no puckers. Trust me, this will make sewing much, much easier.
Step six:
Sew the bias tape using a 1/16 inch seam allowance making sure you're catching both sides of the tape. Trim the ends of the bias tape even with the bib.
Step seven:
Cut a pieces of bias tape 26 inches long and centering the length along the center of the bib pin it in place. Again, use lots of pins to make sure it's nice and smooth.
Step eight:
Starting at one end of the bias tape and using a 1/16 inch seam allowance sew the bias tape closed, continue across the tope of the bib and then along the other end of the bias tape.
Step nine:
Backstitch at each end.
Step ten:
Put a small knot in both ends and you're done! If you wish you can iron your bib to make the bias tape lay a little flatter.


There are lost of ways you could change this pattern up and customize it. Try adding a vintage ribbon across the bib if you use a simpler patterned towel. Use a different color of bias tape for the outside of the bib than the top tape. Try making your own bias tape from a coordinating patterned fabric. You could also use a copy machine and reduce or enlarge the pattern for a more custom fit.  

..June craft..
..June craft blog..

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Project #61 Puppet Theater


Puppet Theater by Kayanna Nelson aka June craft

This is the perfect project for erasing summer afternoon boredom or for a rainy day. You probably have everything you need laying around the house already, it's quick and super simple. There's also tons of room for creativity and is great for kids of all ages. My daughter loves to put on little shows and this is the perfect thing to let her imagination run wild! 


{illustrations by Kayanna Nelson, not to be used for commercial purposes}

What you'll need:
*Download the Stage and puppets templates here and  here and print them out.
*An empty box approximately the size of the stage template. We used this empty cracker box but a cereal box or other similar size would work just as well.
*Xacto Knife (adult use only)
*Coloring supplies
*Small dowels (bamboo skewers, popsicle sticks or even twigs from the yard would also work well!)


Step one:
Have your child decorate the stage and puppets! Use crayons, markers, stamps, paint or glitter. You don't have to use the provided puppets either. Use the size as a template and have your child come up with their own characters or creatures.
Step Two:
Cut out the puppets on the dotted lines and gather your sticks and glue.
Step Three:
Put some glue around all the edges of one side of a puppet.
Step Four:
Put a little glue on the stick and place in the middle of the paper you just glued. Take the other side of that puppet and place it over the top of the side you glued and the stick. You want to create a "sandwich". Press down and let dry.


Step Five:
Repeat with all your remaining puppets.
Step Six:
If your box has top flaps cut them off with scissors so that the top is completely open.
Step Seven:
Put some glue on the front of your box and glue the stage template to the front. Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles and trim the paper if it's a little large like we did.
Step Eight:
This step is for adults only!! Using the Xacto knife cut through the template and the box along the dotted line to create an opening that becomes your stage. You're all done!


If you have older kids with longer attention spans have them color the inside of the box creating stage scenery. Or, you could glue some pretty decorative paper, or pictures from a magazine to the inside to make a scene. My five year old was too anxious to play with her theater to do this extra step but she did declare this to be an "excellent activity"!

You could also cut a small hole is the lower back of the stage and set a flashlight in the hole to create theater lighting. Set up a camera to record your show. Set it to music, or act out their favorite stories. Have fun with it!

..June craft..
..June craft blog..

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