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Project #37 Art Display and Storage Box

Art Display and Storage Box
by Maya Donenfeld from maya*made

Children tend to be prolific with their art. Finding storage for their creations is at the top of many parents' list. Today we'll take a simple box and turn it inside out to create a frame for rotating artwork with hidden storage behind. This project incorporates organizing and recycling beautifully.

You will need:
*narrow cardboard box (cereal box or Priority mailer are good examples)
*strong tape
*card stock
*craft knife
*supplies for decorating (we used a stamp pad and found objects for printing)
*glue gun
*hole puncher
step one:
Carefully open up the box and lay it flat on a surface safe for using a craft knife. The outside of the box will be the new inside.
step two:
Cut top flaps off and measure an opening in front of the box that will highlight artwork. Our dimensions on a priority mailer box were 8x10 inches. This will vary depending on the size of the box you are working with.
step three:
(optional) Decorate the outside of the box (brown side). Keep in mind that it will contain art and be displayed on a wall. Because of this we chose one color and kept it simple, but you and your child can create the perfect customization for your home.
step four:
Tape a piece of card stock to the interior side of the box front. Tape three sides, keeping the top open. This is the sleeve you will be sliding artwork into for display.
step five:
Reconstruct your box. It will just be the reverse of how you took it apart. Use a glue gun for easy and sturdy sticking together.
step six:
punch a hole in the back near the top. This is how you will hang your frame on the wall.
step seven:
Select a piece of art to frame and store the rest!


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Project #34 Nature crowns and cuffs


Nature Crowns and Cuffs by Maya Donenfeld from maya*made
This nature inspired project is for a group and would make a perfect pening activity at a birthday party. We will be creating crowns decorated with assorted flower petals and leaves. Extend this activity by beginning with a walk to collect your materials and end it with a garden tea party or picnic!

What you will need:

*assorted flowers and leaves
*large tray (optional)
*duct tape
* paper bag or Kraft paper


step one
Have your child dissect the flowers by gently pulling apart all of the petals. Suggestion: consider sorting by color and size.
step two
While they are engaged in their work, cut two strips of paper that equal the length of your child's head circumference plus 2 inches and are 1 inch wide. Suggestion: cut a side of one piece to be be a decorative crown top with a triangle repeat.
step three
Cut a piece of duct tape equal in length  to your paper strips. Lay it sticky side up on your work surface. Carefully adhere the strips along the top and bottom edge of the tape.
step four
Have your child embellish his/her crown with collected bits from nature.
step five
Fit crown to head and attach with one more small piece of tape.
step one
Cut a piece of tape to fit loosely around the wrist: sticky side out.
step two
Decorate as you did for the crown.

Invite your garden royalty to tea!


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