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Project #123: A Wooden doll Family Portrait


A Wooden doll Family Portrait by Mereta from One More Mushroom

Inspired by the dolls designed by Alexander Girard and my son's drawings of our family, I made a wooden family of our little family.  Instead of the basic wooden people that you can buy at the craft store I made the people with wooden furniture legs purchased at the hardware store.

What you'll need:
* wooden furniture legs and a few wooden blocks
* wood glue
* primer
* acrylic paint and paint brushes
* pliers


Steps for making the dolls:

Step 1.  pick out what furniture legs and wooden blocks you would like to use to represent your family

Step 2.  unscrew the screws with the pliers.  You may want to trim or cut the wooden legs.  I used a bandsaw to trim the longer furniture leg and was able to get two dolls out of it. 

Step 3.  Glue blocks onto the furniture legs to give the figures more character

Step 4.  spray the dolls with white primer

Step 5.  This is the fun part.  Paint the faces and clothing on the dolls, each one representing a member in your family.  For example, I am five months pregnant so I painted my doll with a baby inside of it.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do.  Now it's time to play with your dolls!


..One More Mushroom

..All images by Meta

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Project #122: Black Forest Felt Antlers


Felt Antlers by Mereta from One More Mushroom

A cute little addition for a kid's room for that safari feel.

What you'll need:

* 8 x 12 piece of brown wool felt

* 8 x 12 piece of white or cream wool felt

* Needle

* Brown and white thread

* Scissors

* Batting



Step 1: Cut two pieces of the brown felt in the shape of a wood plaque. Cut four pieces of the cream felt in the shape of antlers.

Step 2: Sew together the two pieces of brown felt (you can sew by hand or with a sewing machine). Sew together the four pieces of the cream felt (two separate antlers).  Sew the felt pieces together with as little of a seam as possible. Don't worry about sewing right sides together, it doesn't matter with felt.  

Step 3: Stuff the felt plaque with batting.  Stuff the two antlers with batting (you may want to use a chopstick to stuff the antlers).

Step 4: Sew the felt plaque shut.  

Step 5: With the brown thread on the back of the plaque sew a little hook for hanging.

Stel 6: Trim the end of the antlers slightly at an angle so that the antlers will curve upwards.  Turn the edges of the felt antlers in 1/8 of an inch and stitch onto the felt plaque with the white thread.  

You're finished!


..One More Mushroom

..All images by Meta


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Project #119: Winter Forrest Diorama


 An easy craft to make with a cardboard box, duct tape and washi tape.  

  What you'll need: 

* Scissors

* Exacto Knife

* Paper (any color)

* Washi Tapes

* Duct Tape

* Cardboad box or shoe box

* Toys ...example wood animals



Step 1: Pick out a cardboard box for the forrest scene and a thinner box (I used a shoe box) for the trees and other wooded accessories.  

Step 2: Cut the cardboard into any scene you would like, I chose to make a snowy mountainous forrest scene.

Step 3: Cover the front and back of the cardboard diarama in white duct tape.

Step 4: Cut out and cover the trees and the mushrooms in washi tape (you could make flowers and animals too).  I left little tabs at the bottoms of the trees and mushrooms so that I could attach them to the diorama. 

Step 5:   Decorate the forrest diorama however you would like with duct tape, washi tape, and paper.  I used washi tape to make snow caps and a pond.  Attach the trees and mushrooms with small strips of duct tape.  I also used small strips of duct tape to fasten the trees to the mountain.  You're finished!


My children had so much fun playing with the diorama and it makes a great home for all of our wooded forrest animals.  This will make a great holiday decoration too. 


..One More Mushroom

All images by Meta

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Project #119: Raindrop Pillow


Raindrop pillow by Mereta from One More Mushroom

This Raindrop pillow is a fun way to reuse an old sweater. You can shape it any form you like.

What you'll need:

*an old sweater
*butcher paper
*a fat quarter of fabric (I used black polka dot fabric)
*small piece of black felt
*black embroidery floss
*coral embroidery floss


Step 1: Draw a rain drop on the butcher paper leaving 1/4 seam allowance.

Step 2: Pin the template to the sweater and cut the raindrop shape out of the sweater.  

Step 3: Cut the raindrop shape out of the polka dot fabric.

Step 4: Put the two raindrop pieces together right sides together and sew with a 1/4 seam allowance.  Leave a 3 inch opening at the bottom.  

Step 5: With the black felt cut four legs leaving 1/4 seam allowance.  Sew the legs together and turn right side in (you might need to use a chopstick).  Stuff the legs.

 Step 6: Attach the legs onto the raindrop.

Step 7: Sew on the eyes and mouth and you're finished!


..One More Mushroom

All images by Meta


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Project #117: Cat and Bat Pins


Cat and Bat pins by Mereta from One More Mushroom

A very warm welcome to Mereta! Our new Craft Contributor for Bkids.We are excited to have you. Mereta’s colorful blog ‘One More Mushroom', is definitely an inspiration to us. And I'm sure the rest of you BloesemKids readers will see why too.

A mother of two children, Mereta’s craft projects are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Her first contribution is this simple and easy but very beautiful cat and bat pin.

What you'll need :
* Small pieces of black and gray felt.
* Embroidery floss in black, gray, white, yellow, and peach.
* Needle
* Scissors


How to make the bat

Step 1:
Cut out the shape of a bat ( 2 Pieces) 
Step 2: 
Sew the eyes in yellow (embroidery) floss, and the mouth of the bat in white.
Step 3: 
Sew the two bat pieces together. Leaving a small opening. 
Step 4:
Stuff the bat with a small amount of batting and sew the bat shut.
Step 5:
Sew the pin on the back of the bat (or you can hot glue it on) and you're done!


How to make the cat

Step 1:
Cut out the shape of the cat face (2 pieces)
Step 2:
Sew the eyes in any color floss you like (I used green). Sew the nose and ears in pink of peach (embroidery) floss. 
Step 3:
Sew the two pieces of the cat face together leaving a small opening.
Step 4:
Fill the cat face wit a small amount of batting and sew it shut.
Step 5:
Sew the pin on the back of the cat's face (or you can hot glue in on)  


And you're all done! Just a simple accesory to style up you're kid's clothes or even school bags.  

..One More Mushroom

All images by Meta

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