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Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Beck from Papier Mache


Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Beck from Papier Mache

*for Babies:  Cloud from Hutup
*for Girls: RR Zip-UP Jacket from Makie
*for Boys:  Gilet by les Zigouis
*handmade:  Felt Bunny at Enfant Terrible
*eco-friendly: Wooden play Kitchen set
*pure luxury : Tassel Garland-Pinks/Peaches
*less than 25:  Lullatone plays pajama pop pour vous
*less than 50:  necklace of a ribbon, pompom and locket charm
*less than 100: Tree pillow from luckyboysunday

"This year for the first time we are having a very small family Christmas...
My husband is English so most years we have a lot of relatives at our house with makeshift beds in every room...enjoying a ‘summer’ christmas! We will visit my mum this christmas...ride horses...go to the fruit and seafood...sleep! Christmas has changed alot for us now our children are older....not so much to do around ‘santa’ ...just relaxing & enjoying our time together! It’s amazing to finally get to a stage when you receive a ‘real’ present from your children....something they have thought about all by makes it all worth it!"

..Papier Mache..





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