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Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Carrie from Ohdeedoh


Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Carrie from Ohdeedoh

*for Babies:  Blue bird and owl rattle by asherjasper
*for Girls: Paper Dolls by The Black Apple
*for Boys:  HABA Coliseum Set
*handmade:  Stuffed animal by Cate & Levi
*eco-friendly: Hand-powered Animal Flashlight from Ecotronic
*pure luxury :  Children's Eco-Wool Klippan sheep blanket
*less than 25:  Huckleberry Party cd - *full disclosure - this is my talented brother-in-law, but I'd happily give it as a gift even if he were a stranger :)
*less than 50:  Wee Wooden Skittles
*less than 100: Y Bike

"Christmas is by far my favorite holiday: the music, the food and (hopefully) snow.  There are certain traditions I look forward to every year like watching It's A Wonderful Life, enjoying a late and decadent Christmas Eve dinner with dear neighbors, eating streusel right before opening gifts on Christmas morning and playing Trivial Pursuit on Christmas night with friends and family (with good natured cheering and jeering).  I'm looking forward to sharing these experiences with my 2-year-old son and creating new traditions with my own young family in the coming years. "





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We lives 20 mins from the Roman city of Nîmes in the south of France - I have to buy that Roman Coliseum toy for my little boy! Lovely picks Carrie.

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