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Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Jen from Style Milk


Gift ideas and Festive Thoughts by Jen from Style Milk

For Christmas I love to give handmade decorations and products. I think there is nothing more special then to receive something that has been made lovingly by hand. A lot of the products I have mentioned in this guest post are handmade or made by local Australian Designers/artists.

*for Babies:  Binky Baby Dummy Accessory
*for Girls: I love LUV (Little Urban Vintage) Child Classic Vintage singlest just gorgeous
*for Boys:  Rocket Boy Art Print
*handmade:  Ensparkle ceramics and I love how you can order personalized named plates…and more such a special keepsake….I will be giving this jug to family I love it!
*eco-friendly: Maiike Toys
*pure luxury :  Play Shapes at Lark
*less than 25:  I love handmade vintage decorations these garlands are gorgeous
*less than 50:  MonkeyTail and Wellington Monkeys , my son has one of these and they are the best
*less than 100: Ooohhh the little ones can never have too many gorgeous handmade toys: Toadstool House with Mice made by Cuckoo Nest

"We will be away on holidays at the beach for Christmas. In Australia it is very hot at Christmas…so very different to the white Christmas I used to celebrate as a child growing up in the UK. Christmas to me is a wonderful time for family…spent with loved ones: relaxing, enjoying lovely company and eating beautiful food. I love the weeks leading up to Christmas…baking gingerbreadmen, making decorations, hanging up decorations, shopping for gifts and wrapping presents with brown paper and twine. It really is a magical time!"

..Style Milk..



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