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Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Hiskia van Leeuwen


Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Hiskia van Leeuwen from Kleine Zaken

"The best Christmas is with our family. My sisters & brother and their kids. One big mess, late dinner and late breakfast: that is a perfect Chritmas for me!  Too bad it's not that easy because we do not all live in the Netherlands. Santa won't bring us any presents: Sinterklaas allready did on the 5th of December."

*for Babies:  Rainbow bead grasper
*for Girls: Especially the Janneke Magenta: love the details & Isis loves the color :)
*for Boys:  My cousin told me not to pick something to childish
*handmade: Traditional Russian felt boots, warm feet guaranteed
*eco-friendly: Wooden Velcro blocks!
*pure luxury :  Scented bubbles, because luxery doesn't have to cost a fortune :)
*less than 25: the t-shirt is comes to live in front of a webcam :)
*less than 50: The Snow White playset is so perfect: that apple!
*less than 100: Turns anything you can paint into a dry-erase surface.


..Kleine Zaken..




Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Rachelle Wilde



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Rachelle Wilde from Kenziepoo

"Christmas is such a special time for our family. Growing up my family was very big on Christmas, so I wanted to carry on the tradition and make it important in our Family. My Husband, Kenzie and I have a Christmas tradition. We get new pajamas every year and wrap them up and then open them on Christmas Eve. We of course wear them that night! I love this tradition, because we all go shopping for our pajamas together. It is such a fun family outing!

We also have another special Christmas Eve tradition. My family goes to our Church's Candlelight Service. Then after the service our immediate and some extended family go to my parents house and eat Enchilada soup in amazing bread bowls! Following that we sing some carols & open up some of our gifts. This makes for lots of memories and so much fun as a Family!

Christmas to me makes me think of great times with my family, shopping in crowded stores, warm fireplaces and the glorious smell of pine & taste of peppermint lattes. I love the songs, decor, winter attire and significance to the season. The only only thing I dont like about it is that I have to wait 12 months before I get to experience it again."

*for Babies:  Buttercrack Character, Mr Kurt by Sandra Juto
*for Girls: Wovenplay Aviator Hat
*for Boys: Sgt. Pepper royal blue fleece jacket by Shampoodle
*handmade:  Shadow Play
*eco-friendly:  Anzfer Farms Eco Light
*pure luxury : Wedge House
*less than 25: My Favorite Things Flashcards
*less than 50:  Dollhouse from Ferm Living
*less than 100: Lucky Boy Sunday Peppe Doll




Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Jenny Lacey



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Jenny Lacey from LMNOP

"Christmas and the holiday season is definitely my favourite time of the year. Our family calendar is filled with loads of fun activities: baking an endless supply of sugar cookies and rum balls; decorating the tree; searching for the perfect Christmas ornament to exchange with my best friend; an outing to visit with Santa, followed by afternoon tea at The Observatory Hotel to see the Gingerbread Village; and preparing Christmas lunch with my brother for our entire family."

*for Babies:  Sea Urchin Studio - Zoo prints
*for Girls: Swedish Hasbeens - Pee Toe Child
*for Boys:  Likeabike Trailer
*handmade:  Sara Carr Lambswool Pencil Scarf
*eco-friendly: Hopscotch Kids Nail Polishes
*pure luxury :  Knoll Child's Risom Chair and Child's Amoeba Table
*less than 25:  MoMA Modern Play House
*less than 50:  Atsuyo Et Akiko Alphabet Messenger Bag
*less than 100: Kimmel Kids Starter Set




Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Robert Mahar



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by  Robert Mahar from Junior Society

*for Babies:  Crankypants
*for Girls: Little People Dolls
*for Boys: Monsters from the Monster Factory
*handmade: Woodland bookends
*eco-friendly: ShapeMaker Wooden Toy Blocks
*pure luxury : Amish Made Scooter
*less than 25:  Natural Art Supplies from Clementine Art
*less than 50: Oeuf Mask and Tails Set
*less than 100: Cocoon Couture Bean Bag Chair


..Junior Society..





Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Wiebke Kruse from Line+Liv



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts  by Wiebke Kruse from Line+Liv

 "Christmas is my time, I love the darkness, the pretty lights and how cosy it is at home. We have time for us, a special time with much singing, cooking, decorating and laughing.
It is a magical time for our children, still, and hopefully for a long time.
We are at home on Christmas Eve, dancing around the Christmas tree, eat far too much and enjoy a good glass red wine. Each of us must perform something that night,
a poem, a dance, what he wants ... much joy."

*for Babies:  Beautiful, pure cap for the first months  by bieq
*for Girlscape en velours milleraies by Barbara Berrada
*for Boys:  My first Autobahn  by contor
*handmade: knitwear&accessories by caro-e
*eco-friendly: kids fashion out of vintage wool and fabrics by cotton and milk also available by Line+Liv
*pure luxurytime for me, time for two of us ...give me free time means luxury
*less than 25: Designletters  by contor
*less than 50:  cookie cutter 1 - clouds + recipe by Herriot Grace
*less than 100: white cloud by la casita

.. Line+Liv..



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Babyccino



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Esther, Emilie and Courtney from Babyccino

 "Esther: Christmas to me is the ultimate cocooning with my family; intimate, cozy, lovely, and warm. Typically, we open presents in our pyjamas on Christmas morning and visit the grand-parents later that day for a huge family dinner.

Emilie: What Christmas means: Christmas is not about presents and spoiling each other but about a couple of days of spending quality time with my family.

Courtney: For me, Christmas is all about family. This year we'll be making our annual trek to America to spend time with our family (both my husband's and mine) for a few weeks. It's also about the cookies -- I always seem to eat as many Christmas cookies as I can get my hands on!"

*for Babies: Esthex dummyholder flower
*for Girls: Paperpod Cardboard Dolls House
*for Boys:  Apunktchen Cap
*handmade:  Handmade Dolls from Warm Sugar
*eco-friendly: Hopsan knit snowstar jacket
*pure luxury : Elias & Grace Quito Hat & Rio Scarf cashmere set
*less than 25: Madame La Marchande Knitting Spool
*less than 50:  Djeco Geoforme Magnetic Toy
*less than 100: Inke Vintage Wallpaper Elephant





Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Priscila Barros from LittleMissheirlooms



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Priscila Barros from LittleMissheirlooms

"Christmas is my families’ favorite holiday. I usually have my boys help me decorate the tree on Thanksgiving (I know its early but we love to see the pretty lights as we think about what we are thankful for). Every year we go to a little town called Julian which is about 45 minutes from my house but it feels like it’s another state. This city is full of antique shops, old historic buildings (really doesn’t look like it’s changed at all for about 100 years), horses and lots of apple trees. They are known for their famous apple pie! We go in our “winter clothes” and walk into the shops and eat apple pie as we spend quality time together and funny stories. In Southern California we are lucky if it even feels cold at Christmas time so when we go to Julian it really adds to the “Christmas feel” because they usually have a light sprinkle of snow on the ground (in California it isn’t uncommon to see people walk around in shorts, tanks and flip flops at winter!)"

*for Babies: Gold Booties by April Showers
*for Girls: Rose Garden Cap by Soil
*for Boys:  Garage by Momoll
*handmade:  Lapin beige by La Petite Facon
*eco-friendly: Multi Storage Boxes
*pure luxury : Rocking Horse by Perludi
*less than 25: Notebook By Lili Scratchy
*less than 50:  Trojan horse by Kidsonroof
*less than 100:In My Forest Clock” by DecoLabs

.. LittleMissheirlooms..

International Kids Bloggers Gift Guide 2010

Tonight is the kickoff of the B:Kids' Gift Guide 2010...meaning more than 20 well-known bloggers will share their favorite presents for kids with us during the coming weeks to help you come up with great gift ideas for the Holiday Season. Each blogger chose one gift for 9 different categories. Soon I will bring all their gifts together in one page, to make it easy for you to shop per category. Of course I have asked each blogger what the Holiday Season means to them and how they like to celebrate it...happy to say 'hi' to Khali today who was first to send me her gifts...



Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Khali Whatley from little.lovely.

"Traditions are very important in our household, so Christmas is about creating experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, rather than about giving gifts that can soon be broken for forgotten. We limit gifts to one or two very special items (like a Jess Brown rag doll or David Weeks wooden animals) in the hope that these items will be treasured. This year, we'll be celebrating Christmas by the beach with my extended family." Khali Whatley


*for Babies: Harmony ball silver rattle.
*for Girls: Jess Brown Wovenplay edition Prussian ballerina
*for Boys: Zen Wagon.
*handmade: Love, Loans and Linen Pull Along Caterpillar   
*eco-friendly: David Weeks Ursa the Bear.
*pure luxury Jeanie Payer first tooth box.
*less than 25: Kido O Floating Ducks
*less than 50: M2Matiz Barcode print.  
*less than 100: Maiike Rabbit.

.. little.lovely...