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Tuesday, 26 February 2008 by Irene Hoofs

WoobeeKids...Heather Correa, an outdoor enthusiast living in Seattle, is the owner and founder of Woobee... selling the softest blankets, bips and burps you have ever felt. I know from experience because Heather just send one of her lovely blankets. And I use it very often when I'm going down to the swimming pool with Lode. Heather wanted a highly effective and functional product line that is cozy for children and cool for parents, I thinks she succeeded very well. Heather also send me some amazing 'babylegs'...Nicole Donnelly started selling these great home-made BabyLegs out of her daughter's diaper bag in 2005 and is now selling them in more than 15 countries...i you visit the online shop you understand why. Heather and Nicole work closely together and here you can find their online shop. {Thank you Heather!!}

..Woobee blog..
..online shop..

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