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hiep hiep hoera!

Monday, 18 May 2009 by Irene Hoofs

Welcome back ... hope you had a nice weekend? We were in the party-mood because Lode turned 3 yesterday ... yes my little boy is no baby anymore (luckily I have another one:)) ... we celebrated just with the four of us, because last weekend when his grandparents were here he already had a 'small' party with them ... but we did do some nice preparations together for the big 'treat' at school ... No I didn't makes these super fun cupcakes myself, all my friends know that my talents are not with baking and being creative in the kitchen, so we bought these funanimals at my favorite place here in Kuala Lumpur, called Wondermilk!

My husband and I both came to school with Lode this morning to watch him having this very special moment, do you see the exciting and very serious look on his face ... he was so excited and terrified at the same time ...


...Lode and I had much fun together making the party bags ... a big thing here at Lode's school, I'm totally new to this and although I remember from my own childhood how important it was to bring a treat to school I didn't know you also give actual party- or goody bags ... of course my son loves them and sometimes even likes to play 'party-bags' at home ... pretending it's somebodies birthday, like his sheep or panda bear ... I'm not a big fan of giving to much candy, so I decided to fill the bag with some miniature animals, growing insects and these fantastic paper-planes, do you remember them?? Luckily the 'happy' tape from famille Summerbelle arrived last Saturday, so I could use it for the name tags. I wanted to keep it all very simple and fun.

{ps. of course I asked Lode this morning what he wanted to wear on this special day and without any doubt he shouted his cowboy shirt ... and I understand why, it's a really nice t-shirt made by Karen and Joe from the fantastic Misha Lulu brand}

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