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What do children wear around the globe... part 2

Friday, 16 April 2010 by Irene Hoofs

* Posted by Wiebke from Line+Live

Wiebke has asked women from the Kids fashion industry what they see when looking out their window...what do the children wear in their neighborhoods... (part 1)

First is  Marlene Anine Holmboe from MarMar... Marlene is designer and owner from the beautiful kids fashion label MarMar and lives in one of my favorite cities in Copenhagen, Denmark.

First of all they don´t wear uniforms. So, they dress very individual, and much is allowed!
You clearly note the difference on a city child and a country side child. The small school children wears more or less what mother likes :-) And that can be pretty stylish, no doubt that the city child is very cool. Slim jeans is a must for both boys and girls. For the Boys the jeans goes with sneakers  t-shits and a knitted cardigan or sweat jacket. The girls often wears a volume top to their jeans, which  can make the look a little romantic.

As soon as the school children gets a mind of their own, the boys often wears a statement T-shirt. Statements that defines them. The girls often get more rough/rock as they get older.. and also defines themselves through their clothes. Of cause a group of school children dress in sweat suits, as their favorite, but that is normally the young school children.. they prefer different labels, but most of all I think that is because of the comfort.


And Secondly is Alliot Cheng, who lives with a lovely family in Hong Kong and delights us every day with her charming blog I Z A K O O:

There's anything special about HK children ... the concept of pink for girls and blue for boys is still rigid ... the clothes are mostly covered with cartoon prints ... girls got over decorated hair styles ... Only a few local things I really love ... they're the school uniforms. They are simple and more focused on the cutting and subtle combination of materials ... and, another thing is the Chinese shoes and clothes. They can be very stylish in combination of jeans ...

Many thanks to both of you, that you have looked out the window for us.


* Posted by Wiebke from Line+Live

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