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Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Brooke Fish

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 by Irene Hoofs

As of today all the gift ideas contributions are combined in 1 big Gift Guide page right here, which makes it easy for you to search your perfect gifts for this Season. Many more bloggers will be added in the coming 3 weeks...stay tuned!


Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Brooke Fish from Pure and Noble

*for Babies:  These sweet little moccasins are to die for. I’d prefer the yellow triangles, but think they may be sold out.
*for Girls: This amazing cape! I  think  if I had a little girl, I’d want to borrow it everyday!
*for Boys:  Aviator Hood found at Quirky Collective. (my boys love to play dress up so this would be perfect! But secretly, I want one too. It’s adorable!)
*handmade:  Tessa the Lamb by Bit of Whimsy Prims. I love these quirky and sweet little dolls. Too bad I have no use for them in my home. Great gift though.
*eco-friendly: Baby Bibs
*pure luxury :   Animal Print Lamb for a baby’s room! Oh, I would love to have had this in my boys’ room when they were a baby! The giraffe is cute too, but the lamb???? Nice reminder that they are children of God.
*less than 25:  Food Face Platewhat kiddo doesn’t like playing with their food? Besides, this looks like a ton of fun! I used to love the magnetic harry face.
*less than 50:  Animal Stamp SetMy boys love doing stamps. It’s a mess, but they love it so.
*less than 100: Drum SetI love this drum set. It’s just the right size for both my boys to play with and I have a feeling it would be a ton of fun without being SUPER loud!


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