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Dolls from another world

Thursday, 9 December 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Guest post by Hayley from .little pinwheel

Christmas is around the corner, and I have no doubt we are all checking our lists. Having a little girl there are a number of dolls written on her letter to santa, and truly she does not need another doll. I am a little embarrassed to count how many barbie dolls my daughter owns, and show you an image of how much her bed is flooded with her bigger dolls. But one cannot let her daughter down at this time of the year.


{this is the doll I am getting Keely for her birthday.}

I have been told, by a very wise parent, that you add to what they play with. My daughter plays with dolls, and to my surprise all of them. I am going to add to her collection this Christmas. I have looked high and low and found some beautiful handmade and keepsake dolls, one of which is on her wish list to be made especially for her on her birthday. I know being a doll lover myself I would be happy to have one of these dolls hanging around in my room, or I am sure my son would!

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, and if you are hunting for a doll for your little girl I do hope I have helped a little in your search to find something other than a barbie doll.

Hayley x


 ..raggidyrag dolls..
..happy to see you dolls..

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