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LuckyKids and BKids' guest posts

Thursday, 31 March 2011 by Irene Hoofs

Luckymagazine {image links you can find over at Lucky right now}

...and speaking of Guest blogging... perhaps you have seen me, already two weeks ago, over at Lucky right now? ? It was an absolute honor for me to be invited by the wonderful Jen Ford from Lucky Magazine to write guest posts for their awesome blog.

I made 5 posts in total and these were the titels:
* A splash of Neon
* Kid Crafts around the web
* An Illustrated World
* A Million Reasons to Party...
* Vintage-Inspired Fashion for Kids


just received this image from the lovely ChantaleP. from the blog Skinny mini Kiki, she had seen this little write up in the actual issue of the first LuckyKids magazine... blush, nice...!


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