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Bed&Breakfast in Spain, paradise for kids and their parents...

Thursday, 7 July 2011 by Irene Hoofs


My dear friend Marjon (from the Netherlands),  who is also a fantastic photographer told me about a recent shoot she had done in Spain for a great Bed and Breakfast run by a Dutch couple who settled down in Spain a couple of years ago. I thought it would be fun to share some images with you. Of course these are not the images Marjon shot for a potential magazine but just some snap-shots to give us an impression... can you believe some were taken with an i-phone (?!)


Marjon was accompanied by one of her best friends stylist AnoukB. Together they helped Merijn and Jeannette to bring their B&B in the best spotlight ever..............READ MORE>>>  

Fincapuravida_paella  Fincapuravida_anoul  Fincapuravida_milan


Like I said the B&B is located in Benissa a 20 minutes driving from the beach of Calpe. Jeannette started this Bed and Breakfast and Merijn started his own company in making wooden furniture, () which you will find throughout the house.


The place where they live has a stunning unique view over the valley all the way to the sea. Marjon said it was difficult to describe how wonderful she felt there, better to go yourself and experience some serious relaxation...


And what can make us parents more happy than seeing your kids enjoying themselves with some serious 'farming time' in the garden... like Marjon's son Milan and Anouk's daughter Dot are doing here.... of course I was happy to see little Dot wearing the olivine baroque from my Wear Neon collection ... if you would like more information about the B&B then just shoot Jeanette an email.

If you are an editor of a magazine and am interested in the 'real' pics from this shoot than please send Marjon an email.

All images by Vorstin..
Styling by AnoukB..

..Bed & Breakfast finca pura vida..

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