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We are Going on Vacation with Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Thursday, 19 April 2012 by Irene Hoofs


We are Going on Vacation with Helen Bird from Curly Birds

and we are we going to... California
Who are you bringing along?
My husband, Eric, and our identical twin girls: Nola and Kira (5)

Where do you stay?
With family for a week in LA and then in coastal hotels along the coast


How do you get there?
We flew from Tennessee to California and drove up the coast from LA to Cambria, through Big Sur and on to Monterey.

What do you bring?
Clothes for two seasons – it was 90 degrees in LA and 45 up in Monterey

What can the kids bring?
The girls always pack their cuddly rabbits that they sleep with. I also like to pack small art kits of oil pastels, water color paints, and thick paper. During down times the girls can create pictures and record their trip visually.


Where do you usually search for travel ideas?
Lonely Planet – their books and website have always been my favorite travel guides. I ask everyone I know and read as much as I can until I feel really inspired about a trip.

Any travel tips?
Slow down to your children’s pace. Perhaps you won’t see every tourist attraction, but you’ll have a more pleasant time and you’ll find a beautiful world you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.


What are must-see places in the world according to you?
Before kids the most memorable trip Eric and I took was to Barrow, the northern most point in Alaska and 330 miles above the Arctic Circle.

We always go to the major cities of countries we visit, but I also like to stay in little villages – they feel more genuine and are so fun to explore.
I really want to visit Asia and Africa. I dream of going on safari - I hope one day to take our girls.


..Curly Birds

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