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We are going on vacation with Joscha from MUS werk

Friday, 4 May 2012 by Irene Hoofs



We are going on vacation with Joscha from MUS werk

and we are we going to...


Who are you bringing along?
Our 4 kids. Floyd (2004) lola elvis (2006), roemer (2004), pippa rose (2011) and my husband. 

Where do you stay?
We're stayin in a holiday house located near Vinci, the birth place of leonardo da vinci, in tuscany between florence and pisa. we were there once before some years ago. It's quiet, surrounded by greensilver olive trees and old houses with cypress trees. kids have lots of  space to play around and the house has a beautiful view over the valley.

We are looking forward for some good italian food, nice temperature and sightseeing.
As within 50 to 100 km many interesting places such as Florence - Siena - Volterra - San Gimignano - Pistoia - Lucca - Prato and the sea.


Lake Lepin PlaygroundGirls      


How do you get there?
By car. A nice drive through the Alps...

What do you bring?
a camera, a sketch book and paint (i hope to have finaly time and calmness to work out some ideas) and ofcourse a few books and a laptop.

What can the kids bring?
besides clothes, only basic material: some games, books, pencils and paper, a little inflatable swimmingpool... high factor sun cream.

Where do you usually search for travel ideas?

On a map, in books, magazines, but mostly on the www.




Any travel tips?
-with young children you shouldn't expect to much. A citytrip with your kids is completely different than a citytrip with just your husband.

What are must-see places in the world according to you?
Any place. sometimes you have to clear your mind and look around you with a childs' view again. Other places are: Norway, Sweden. we have been twice to the north cape. When our children are older we will go back there. i realy like the countryside of sweden.
We really like the coasts of Brittany (France). the beaches all are beautiful. And France is a great country to shop around for nice food.





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