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We are Going on Vacation with Esther from babyccino

Friday, 1 June 2012 by Irene Hoofs


We are Going on Vacation with Esther from Babyccino Kids

and we are we going to...

Our family house in the Cantal, France. The Cantal is a very beautiful, rural area in the centre of France and I’ve been going there for over 25 years. We love the countryside, the ‘back to basics’ way of easy living, the wonderful, regional cheeses, bread and meat and the vegetables ready to pick from the garden...

Whom are you bringing along?

My husband Tamar and our three kids Sara (6), Pim (5), and Ava (1).

Where do you stay?

At our family house, a little, old farm dating from 1781. It’s a very pretty place, and we love to live outdoors as much as possible, picking plums from the trees, mushrooms from the meadows, blackberries from the bushes... We like to go for hikes and to hang out in hammocks, swings, and, of course, the swimming pool!


babyccino babyccino babyccino




How do you get there?

We drive there. It’s a 12 hour drive so we usually spend the night somewhere halfway.

What do you bring?

Everything starting with an S! Shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, swimwear... Nothing too fancy, we like to really take it easy when we're there. We do like to go for hikes so we make sure to bring good shoes and backpacks too.

What can the kids bring?

We bring outdoor games like badminton, petanque, nets to catch butterflies, etc. This summer I would like to start a journal with my oldest daughter, in which she can  draw and keep a diary of things she did and liked, and collect photos, tickets, leaves -- anything interesting to keep. So we will bring a notebook, pens, and washi tape for this purpose.

Where do you usually search for travel ideas?

I like I-escape.com, and I’m always inspired by the travel ideas I find in glossy magazines (although they are mostly far above our budget)!


Any travel tips?

Where-ever we travel to, we bring an Ipod filled with audio books and some child-size headphones. We have a headphone splitter so the kids can listen to the same book simultaneously. Hours of entertainment (and silence) is guaranteed!

What are must-see places in the world according to you?

I don’t think you have to travel far to find beauty. There are so many amazing things to see, far away, but close by too! Wonderful nature scenes, impressive cities, incredible architecture -- I wouldn’t be able to put one amazing thing above the other...


All images by Esther.

..Babyccino Kids

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