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We are Going on Vacation with Mariella from hollywoodroadblog

Thursday, 28 June 2012 by Irene Hoofs


We are Going on Vacation with Mariella  from Hollywood road blog

and we are we going to...
Italy, like every summer. I am  Italian , but I live in China and the summer is an opportunity to explore my country and share it with my husband who is Israeli and my kids.

Who are you bringing along?
My love and my two kids, two and a half years  and 5 months old

Where do you stay? 
We start from my parents' home, a little town down in the south, and then we will travel to other places although this year's itinerary still has to be defined

How do you get there?

We get there by plane and then we take road trips with a rented car. .........MORE

Bkids3 Bkids2A Bkids2   


What do you bring?
everything children need from diapers to the Ipad, a road map, a book and of course my cameras

Any travel tips?
Years of traveling first by myself and now with my family have taught me that being organized is the key for a happy travel experience. Start packing at least a couple of days in advance so that every time something comes to your mind you can throw it in the suitcase. That way it's hard to forget things. Having said that, try to travel light and be aware that apart from your passport, wallet and mobile phone, everything can always be bought somewhere else, if really needed.


What are must-see places in the world according to you?
Well Italy of course is a wonderful travel destination (I recommend to head to the south for the best beaches and to explore lovely little towns) then I would say Israel where my husband comes from, such an interesting place to visit. Bora Bora and Tahaa in french Polinesia are breathtakingly beautiful, New York and Amsterdam are probably my favorite cities in the world.Then Japan another place dear to my heart and cannot forget about China of course, where I currently live. An immense, diverse and in its own way beautiful country.


..Hollywood road blog

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