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Say 'hi' to Sufiya and our new Facebook Fan page

Friday, 5 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs


{image from Sufiya from jungly Malaysia ... couldn't agree more!}

Sad and happy at the same time ... sad because Tiffany has left the Bloesem family to start her a new project, but will always be Bloesem at heart. Happy to announce that through my friends in KL city, especially to Ena from Wondermilk, I have found the perfect person...  to help with lots of new and exciting things happening for Bloesem in the near future.

I hope you will give a warm welcome  to Sufiya Begum the new marketing manager for the Bloesem blogs family.


Sufiya has already started and is running all our Social Media Networks, especially our new Facebook Fan Page. If you haven’t ‘like’ our page, you should. All further updates on Bloesem Blogs will now be linked to our fan page and more importantly here we will host all our Giveaways, share images and stories with you from 'behind the scenes' snapshots from our daily live at the Bloesem office, when we go on trip or anything else we would like for you to see too. 

We hope you will use our page to interact with us, tell us what you like or rather see different on the blogs.


..Facebook Bloesem Fan Page.

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