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Bkid's Pinterest Holiday Favourites

Thursday, 13 December 2012 by Irene Hoofs

For the holidays we've been collecting favorite pinterest crafts, posts and inspirations. It's time to share some of our favorites with all of you. Click on the picture if you wish to go to their webpage. Have fun! 


Here's a fun interactive advent calendar, why not design one that looks like your actual house and street? 



We love these wooden gold ornaments. Once Christmas is over, stick a magnet on the back and you'll get cute magnets for all year round. For more favorites move on to the next page. [READ MORE]



Our Jessica Nielsen wrapping paper is still one of our favorites. check out the two designs she made for us. Thanks Jessica! 


Have the kids help you cut up strips of felt for fun colorful ornaments. 


Make something beautiful and fun with extra boxes lying around the house. 

Hope you enjoyed our favorites, for more you can go to our Holiday Inspiration pinterest board. We might have missed one or two really good ones. = )


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