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The book of Friends for your baby pictures

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 by Irene Hoofs

Moving to a new house means finding many hidden treasures in your home ... like my baby album. I am so happy my mother has kept this book for me and a couple of years ago she told me it would be better if I kept it myself. And she was right... as always :) ... my boys love looking at these pictures ... especially Kiet while he doesn't comprehend yet that I have been a baby and small too :) but he likes my chubby face and seeing me in funny clothes!

With our digital era I believe it is so important to not forget printing images from your kids and just like in the old days collect them in a book or album ... 


Yesterday I spotted this beauty over at Mokkasin and yes it would be my first choice at the moment. "The book of friends" is from Pleased to Meet. A paper goods studio founded by Daniela Könn and Marcel Hornung. A German couple that met in New York while working at different design agencies.

Images by Mokkasin and by me, Irene, founder of BKids.

..Pleased to Meet

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