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Creative inspiration for the weekend

Saturday, 1 June 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Marsha Golemac is a Melbourne based creative specialising in Paper Art and ever since I have shown some of her work  on Bloesem (when writing about Love Mae wrapping paper ideas) I have been a loyal follower of her.

Marsha's Paper ideas are a great inspiration to me and I am planning on making a paper chandelier this weekend with my boys ... of course it won't be a big one like the one she made with all the children, but just a small one for our home probably with some nice messages on it ... [MORE IMAGES BELOW]

I wish you a lovely weekend too and love to hear what your plans are!





The Paper Chanderlier was een idea to celebrate The School's (great idea too) first Birthday.


.. Marsha Golemac

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