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Swoop mini travel bag for toys

Thursday, 1 August 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Do you remember my first post about Swoop and the love for lego in our house. We still use the big orange bag and it has become part of our toys storage solutions.

But recently we received the Swoop Mini travel bag.... and that is perhaps even more fun ... your child can bring it wherever he goes (so we brought here to Amsterdam) and it is easier to use .... be it at during a sleep-over or just when your child goes to a friends house for a playdate . This time Kiet, my 4 year old, has stored all his favorite cars in the green mini bag, but this can be something completely different next week.





While Lode was playing with his kapla I took some pictures of this Swoop must-have bag!

ps. perhaps fun to read the story how the lovely Sarah from swoop got the idea from her grandmother to create these swoop bags.


.. Swoop

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