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Make Doll Bedding

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Boy did I play with dolls when I was a child ... i remember playing 'mama' and taking care of my babies .... how much easier it was back then compared to the real thing two years ago :):)  ... my doll babies never gave me a hard time, they listened very well, slept through the night and never cried :) ... funny how little girls want to have dolls ... even Puck, Nora's little girl, who normally prefers to play only boys things.

So Nora bought her a beautiful Moyoh doll and made her a lovely little blanket ... you can make one too if you just follow the simple instructions.

- How to make a perfect blanket for a doll bed -



All images by Nora Vrba from La Fête

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