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Zara's 2013 Favorites

Tuesday, 31 December 2013 by Irene Hoofs

In a blink of an eye another year has past and it's almost time to start 2014. The start of another year brings the excitement and joy of another year of birthdays and accomplishments for our little ones. And for BKids it also means another year of posts, discovering new DIYs, fashion for kids, room decorating inspiration and tips, and so much more... Before that, let's take a trip down memory lane with 5 of my favorite posts from 2013. ~ Zara S.

1) Instagram Mommies

A fairly new column to the Bkids family in October! We already spend too much time on Instagram, so we thought sharing some of our favorite instagrammers with you would be perfect.  These talented moms give us a peek into their lives with their adorable kids, through their creative shots. We're always on the hunt for more instagram mommies to share with you!

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

The first instagram mommy we featured Anne, and her adorable daughter, make us smile!

Check out all the instagram mommies here.

2) DIY Fun: Animal Mask

With the help of our wonderful contributors Nora and Veronique, we get to share a variety of fun DIYs that you can do with you children. Great for weekends when the kids are out of school. With over a 100 projects posted so far, our favorite from this year is the cute DIY animal mask.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Full Animal Mask DIY here.

Find more DIY fun here.

3) Timecapsules

It may be too late to give as a Christmas gift, but the timecapsule is definitely a gift worth giving. The beauty of it is how it can be given to almost anyone, and that person can fill it with the things they hold dear. 

For a new mom, it would be filled with the milestones for their child. Or any little souvenirs they pick up along the way.

For a teen it could be ticket stubs for movies or concerts, and photographs or notes. The possibilities are endless.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

More about the timecapsule here.

4) Über Cool Beds 

In children's furniture news: One of our recent posts featured these super cool Adventur junior beds. These classic woodcut beds are the bees knees! 

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

More of the Adventur junior beds here.

5) Sweet Paul Kid's Holiday Issue

We have been loving Sweet Paul but this Kid's Holiday issue is just perfect. With pages of beautiful visuals and crafts for the little ones to get the creativity on, what more could we want from this magazine? Doesn't even have to be the holiday season, these DIY projects are timeless, and definitely a kid pleaser.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Can't get enough of Sweet Paul?

We want to thank everyone for reading and commenting here and on facebook and our other social media platforms. It's always great to interact with the readers and hear from you guys, the things you like and the stuff you don't. On that note, we wish everyone the happiest of holidays and that every kid gets exactly what they want for Christmas. Okay not exactly. Let's not get carried away... We will be back to regular posting in January 2014! See you then!

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