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Little Quote Jar - Make History

Tuesday, 1 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Kids | Make History - Little Quote Jar

You should all be familiar with one of the best gifts on the markets by now, Time Capsules (is it obvious we are big fans of it yet? ). Well, from the same wonderful Make History team, founder, idea creator and owner Anouk van der El, product designer Ivan Kasner and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm are so proud to bring us the Little Quote Jar!

Another thing to celebrate is that this beauty is now available. Yes! You can get your hands on it in our very own Bloesem Creative Space! Being the very first retailer in Asia, you can find the Little Quote Jar at the Bloesem Creative Space in Tiong Bahru! It's fresh from the factory and already making itself comfortable beside the Timecapsule in the studio.

People say crazy, funny, not-be-forgotten things alot in our life, whether it's children saying the darndest things or your colleagues cracking you up with one-liners, the team has come up with yet another beautiful and sentimental product thats going to help us keep all the great memories, and great quotes.

Little Quote Jar is a glass jar with a cork top, and it comes with two little notepads and a pencil. The adorable jar looks great whether it's on your kitchen counter or on a book shelf. Always there full of the best times and the little treasures of things the people around you have said.

Bloesem Kids | Make History - Little Quote Jar

Bloesem Kids | Make History: Little Quote Jar

Bloesem Kids | Make History - Little Quote Jar

Bloesem Kids | Make History - Little Quote Jar

Bloesem Kids | Make History - Little Quote Jar

We would love to hear the funny quotes you have heard! Whether it's an innocent question from your 5 year old or something wise but hilarious gramps said, share it with us in the comments!

It was really great to have a chance to be part of the photography and styling of the Little Quote Jar, done right here in the Bloesem Studio! (Thank goodness for our light shaft which gives us access to great natural lighting.) - Zara

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