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Instamom: Take a picture lady

Thursday, 2 October 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

We're on a roll with amazing instamoms who are coincedentally amazing photographers as well. Emma of @takeapicturelady impresses us shot after shot with her daily instagram photographs, so we thought we'd get to know her a little better. A passionate lady with an incredible talent behind the lens, Emma's photographs reminds us not to forget to go out and enjoy nature.

I N S T A M O M:

I am a mother, photographer, inspired, old soul, chasing my tail, aiming for the stars, too tired to concentrate, rubbish at housework, in love with the outdoors and natural light, easy-going, going grey at 34, a good cook, procrastinator for at least a week of the month,thinking about being a vegetarian and always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, dream of moving nearly every day.

Number of kiddos: I have two children.. I had Monty, who is now 9, when i was just 25, which felt young. Two years later, Agnes arrived. Now I feel I am getting life back, but also wondering whether to have another child?!

Sundays are for: slowing down. A leisurely bike ride or canoe on the river, reading, and most definitely cooking. We all love to cook in this house and I'm gradually giving jobs to the children. Cooking is such a big life skill, from day to day survival, conversations, interaction with local producers, and bringing together family and friends. 

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

You can't leave now.. the rest of the question and answer sesh awaits you after the cut..

My favorite Time of the day are is that first sip of wine, just before tucking my chair around the kitchen table to eat and chat with my family. We always cook from scratch every day, and sit together. 

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

At the moment I am embarking on some fantastic projects with other mother photographers and some wonderful brands. They inspire me and drive my work forward. And I'm usually trying to fit that around sweeping, laundry and the school run. We also own a cafe bar, gourmet burgers, cocktails and milkshakes. It's a family business and is a part of our life, with the hustle and bustle, part of the community and continuous work that it brings.

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

My day consists of much of the above and never getting round to doing half of the things I hope to do. 

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

Other passions are around the corner. My family, work and weekends keep me busy. We dream of a life ahead where things might be different from what we have. But at the end of the day, we must be grateful. I am passionate about good craftsmanship and ethics, in all areas of life. 

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

Being a Mom means that I'm happy and tired. Busy and heartfelt. And always there for a hug. 

Bloesem kids | Instagram mom Emma of @takeapicturelady

 Thank you Emma for being part of our instagram moms, we loved getting to know you better!


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