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Growth Chart - Make History

Monday, 15 December 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Kids | Make History co.'s latest addition to the family - Growth Chart

The Make History family has officially welcomed a new member .. The Growth Chart! We've already seen the Growth Chart making it's way round the world of instagram, popping up on our feed several times in a day.. but we would like to officially introduce it to you!

The Growth Chart is so close to Bloesem because we've seen our favourite product designer, marketing specialist and all round favourite person, Anouk van der El, working hard on it for awhile now and we were also honored to do the styling and photography for the Growth Chart.

We're sure you are already too familiar with the Time Capsules and the Little Quote Jar, both great products that fly off the shelf in the Bloesem shop.. We've just stocked the shop with Growth Charts and we're already running low. It's a great design and functional piece that both parents and children can enjoy. We've seen so many growth charts with overly childish designs that do not go with the room decor (you know the ones) but this one is just the right amount of playful and cool.

So go ahead and add this cool graphic Growth Chart to your child's room .. mark their growth and take it with you when you move.. it comes flatpacked and can be kept as a nice momento once the little ones have outgrown the chart.

We've placed one up on the wall in the Bloesem shop and it's lovely to see that kids are naturally drawn to it asking their parents to tell them how tall they are.. their favourite part is when we mark down their height and write their name beside it .. so wonderful to see their little faces light up!


Bloesem Kids | Make History co.'s latest addition to the family - Growth Chart

Bloesem Kids | Make History co.'s latest addition to the family - Growth Chart

The Growth Chart is a collaboration between Anouk van der El of Make History and blogger Erin Loechner (she writes Design for Mankind ) .. having met for the first time in Singapore while Erin was here to teach here Bloesem Classes on social media and blogging. Great to see Bloesem Class connecting creatives from all over the world.


Start 2015 with the Growth Chart and create memories by tracking your child's growth.. I always remember marking my height as a child as a very exciting time!

.. Make History

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