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A Mini-mal room

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem kids | Bloesem Gazette 4: Kids room decor by A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler

Let Jennifer Hagler inspire you to decorate your kids rooms so it looks fresh out of a magazine spread. Her blog A Merry Mishap serves up beautiful visuals of interior spaces along with daily musings. For the 4th edition of the Bloesem Gazette, Jennifer contributed some beautiful images of her son Isreal's room and we could not help but ask the now mom of 2 some questions about her home styling and upkeep.

Straight out of Boise, Idaho, Jennifer has created a little Scandinavian haven in her American home. This may come as a shock to many of you who might have thought she had European roots from her taste in furniture and design. The newly second time mom speaks of the struggle to juggle family, blog and other interests. We can totally relate!

We chat more about family, home and interior decor after the cut..

Bloesem kids | Bloesem Gazette 4: Kids room decor by A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler


How do you balance being a mom, running a blog and your etsy store? 
My life with two kids at home and running my own business is not what I’d call balanced. I wish I could achieve more of that balance but each day is a bit different. I also do some freelance styling work and continue to run my blog, two things I’d love to have more time for and once my son starts school I’m planning on closing my Etsy shop to dedicate more time to maintaining the blog and side projects.

Freelance is so random that it’s hard to have a set schedule however I do try to keep somewhat of a routine with the kids, otherwise my whole day would be busy but not productive. I try to give the kids the best parts of me even though I want so badly to devote myself to my work ventures, knowing they grow quickly and I have to force myself to slow down to really enjoy this time with them. As they get older I’ll have more time for a profession.

Congratulations on your second child, Elin is such a darling. How has life changed after the lovely second addition to the family? How does Isreal get along with his little sister?
Thank you, we are so happy to have such a happy and healthy baby in Elin. Life has been busier, at times it’s been overwhelming keeping up with the contrasting needs of a 5 year old and an infant, but we wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

The dynamic between Israel and Elin is one of the greatest things to witness as a mother. For the most part Israel is very kind and considerate with Elin, talking very sweetly with her and diligent to watch out for her or teach her how to do new things. Of course there are times when they can’t agree to share and Israel will lose patience with a messy, clumsy baby who doesn’t yet understand that stuffed animals are not for wiping snotty noses on! We had 4 1/2 years with just him so he’s also had to adjust to sharing life with a little person. Most days our life feels crazy but still, I hope to have another child someday.

Bloesem kids | Bloesem Gazette 4: Kids room decor by A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler


What is your inspiration for your kid’s room decor? 
Israel’s room is small but now that he’s older his interests are much more acute, which helps keep down on clutter. He likes books and collects cars. He builds spaceships out of legos and paints little sculptures he makes out of clay. I wanted him to have a space that looks fresh but also somewhat minimal. His personality is much like mine and I feel most comfortable in an organized environment that doesn’t require much maintenance. He can clean his whole room in 10 minutes which was really important to have something manageable for him now that I need his help more. 

For Elin’s room I’m really inspired by French things. Natural elements like a wreath I made for above her crib, a powdery pink linen blanket and faded grey things that feel both new and old to me. Her space has a lot of soft colours and I like that for her. Nothing is really bold with high contrast or overly patterned.

How do you pick out pieces for the kids rooms? Does Isreal have strong views on what his room should look like? 
Israel loves structure and predictability and is by nature more calm and thoughtful. He doesn’t have a big opinion on things in his room but I did involve him in choosing the paint and bedding in greens and blues. He also likes black, which is in honour of my dad who passed away and loved black. Israel and my dad were very close so I think it’s a way Israel relates to his memory, he has a small black desk and rug in his room which he likes. 

Do you do things any differently when styling the kids room as compared to the rest of the house?  
I try to keep the kids rooms fun and playful still, which is not a priority in the rest of the house. I want them to grow up having a thoughtful understanding of the importance of good design but I also want them to feel free to play and feel loved.  

Bloesem kids | Bloesem Gazette 4: Kids room decor by A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler


What are some go-to brands for pieces in your home?
Muuto is a brand I’ve had an allegiance to. We have many of their products all over the house because they’re so well made, affordable and beautiful. They also seem to complement our other pieces so I love to mix Muuto chairs or pillows in with other brands. Menu is another brand that makes great products that are very beautiful and functional. I think at the moment they have become quite popular, which says a lot about the way their design connects with so many different people. I like their minimal and timeless style. 

Through all the ups and downs you face as a mom, what are 3 pieces of advice you would pass on to a new mom? What has been the most satisfying moment of being a mom?
I tell a lot of my mom friends to be patient, whatever rough time you’re going through won’t last long. The sleepless nights or the mess of a toddler or a young child who questions everything, none of these stages last long and soon they will be onto something new and part of you will long to go back, to enjoy what is now in the past.

I’ve learned this from having two. I am much more patient and enjoy motherhood so much the second time around. Seeing how quickly Israel has grown up puts things into perspective with Elin. 
The interesting thing about being a mother is many times it is one sided. You give your time, money, emotions, even your body and when you’re exhausted you give some more. It’s not like they’re buying you new clothes or cooking you dinner, and yet there is so much reward and joy in contributing to their success! I whole heartedly believe that being a mother is one of the greatest contributions to the world I will ever make.

Bloesem kids | Bloesem Gazette 4: Kids room decor by A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler

What can we look forward to on A Merry Mishap in 2015?
One thing I’ve come to realize with two kids and juggling professional endeavors is that I can’t do it all. I’ve tried going without sleep, hiring someone to help clean once a week, getting a babysitter but the truth is I am limited. This though does not mean I will be quitting my blog anytime soon, it only means AMM blog might be more of a team endeavor soon, which is really exciting for me. I’ve been working on hiring the right people and having new contributors that I think will give the blog a new and fresh perspective with more frequently published content.

That’s sort of vague I know, but you will just have to wait and see!

.. A Merry Mishap
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