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You are a star Mom!

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas(Photo credits: Giochi Di Carta)

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you still haven't decided on what you want to give the best lady you know to let her know she is loved and appreciated, maybe with can help you with some great finds from the world wide web and from our own Bloesem store as well.

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas

DSC_1830(Greeting cards available at Bloesem.co)

A simple card is classic. Something heartfelt and filled with your love and gratitude. Whether you make a card yourself or get a store bought one, as long as you take the time to pen down your sincerest feelings, it's all your mom really wants.

Diy-printable-mothers-day-card(Photo credits: How About Orange)

Even if it's last minute and you need to have something you can just print right from the computer, here are some great printable Mother's Day options:

1. Printable watercolor Mother's Day card
2. Printable cards and wine labels from Hello Lucky
3.Mother's Day prints and gifts

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas(Recipe cards available at Bloesem.co)

If your mom is the cooking type, how about some recipe cards? Great for mom to keep all her recipes she collected from grandma and other friends and family. Not only a great gift but a great tradition to start too!

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas(Photo Credits: Marthastewart.com)

With the debut of Bloesem's own Bloesem Gazette just last week, we think that the idea of making a Mother's Day newspaper is genius! A great gift and kid-friendly activity all wrapped into one. Print your own Mother's Day newspaper card here.

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas

Bloesem Kids | Mother's Day gift ideas(Little Quote Jar available at Bloesem.co)

What about the Little Quote Jar? A sentimental gift which will hold all your family's most precious moments and memories and the form of funny quotes and lines. This beautiful glass jar will look great on the kitchen counter on in the living room, easily accessible for whenever someone says something not to be forgotten! Interested in the mind behind the Little Quote Jar? Grab our Gazette in the Bloesem Space and read the little interview we did with Anouk from Make History!

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Home visit in the Netherlands


Yesterday Bloesem visited the home of graphic designer Jessica Nielsen and I thought you might like seeing how this graphic artist lives in a 80's style apartement in Rotterdam.

If her name and work sounds and seems familiar then you probably remember the wrapping paper she made last year at Christmas for us.

The items above are available at BijzonderMOOI*.


photo credit: Marjon Hoogervorst

 Previous Dutch Designer Visits

.. Jessica Nielsen

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Free Mother's Day gift tags


I have made some gift tags for Mother's Day and thought you might like them too ... so feel absolutely free to dowload the pdf and use them for presents or other decoration on Sunday!

BKids Mother's Day gift tags in white

BKids Mother's Day gift tags in black

 ~ Irene xoxo







All images and design by Irene Hoofs

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May desktop calendar


I love using a monthly calendar on my desktop and this is such a sweet one from Pimpelmees.

A graphic and paper goods studio from the Netherlands ... if you like the MAY calendar too then download it right here for FREE!

.. Pimpelmees

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Holiday Gift Tags We Love


I know most of you are not done with Christmas shopping and wrapping present. So, here's a little round-up we compiled specially for you! Freebies downloadable prints and tags to make your presents a little bit more special. What do you think of them? They are all different, hopefully you will find one of your favorites here. 

Our friends at Wee Gallery suggested to print their tags on sticker paper. I do love the owl. Check them out here. 


Nautical Chirstmas for the sea lovers. Click here for their downloads. 


Because you KNOW who really writes the naughty and nice list. Cute idea for personalized tags! Go here to check out how. There's so much more so scroll on over to the next page!  [READ MORE]


Love for Rudolf the Reindeer. Simple downloadable tag here



This reminds me of a vintage children's book. A little animal touch for Christmas. Click here to print tags. 



Even though this is not very Chrismas-like, it's just too sweet not to share. Maybe for a Christmas baby shower? Click here to go to the website. 

Here is one example of a cute illustrated gift tag for this season. Click here to download. 



Tis' the season to be jolly with presents! Do you like this one? Click here if you do. 



Simple shapes, amd neon has hit a lot of designs this year. I still love the look. Click here to check out this tag. 


Dusty pink for girls? I think so! Go here to look at more designs for this free download. 



To add a little sophistication to the season. I love the tag on the right that says 'S. Claus & Co'. What do you think? Go here to download. 



Best for last, something we are all familiar with. A red Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. Go here to download these tags. 

Pheww, we wished there was more for us to share with you, but that is all we have for our favorites right now. Hope you love them and do take advantage of these great finds! HAPPY WRAPPING everyone! 


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Z lesa for Christmas


Jana Kloučková Kudrnová is a graphic designer and illustrator living in the woods near Olomouc in the Czech republic. On her blog Z lesa, Jana shares with us many DIY ideas and even better she gives away all of her patterns for free via pdf printables. Very generous and of course we love  your beautiful free printables, puzzels, wrapping paper and more ...        [CONTINUE READING]




Mini Christmas Forest puzzle ... free for you to download! I found this blog via Deborah Beau's pinterest boards.~irene


..ZLesa blog
..ZLesa online shop

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