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Perfect Knits


Not sure what I can add... knitwear in the most perfect way!

A beautiful label, Esencia, set up by two ladies with a completely different background, one from Japan and one from Peru and the rest is history :) ... via little scandinavian.


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#408 Magpie Patterns


A crafting paradise for ideas, patterns and books, that's how I would like to describe Magpie Patterns...and it's such an easy website to find your way around, where do you wanne go, sewing, knitting, embroidery or crochet or just to find a good crafting book...I'm a person who likes to do everything except sewing is not so much my thing, way to difficult I believe...but I wish I good make a nice quilt. Perhaps one day when I have more time...please start with having some fun visiting Magpie Patterns...

..Magpie patterns..
..Magpie patterns blog..

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Le coeur en poche ... these are absolutely the cutest and most lovely little chrichet shoes I have ever seen, I love the color with the yellow button (and so very affordable!) ... Nathasja, a Dutch girl living in Belgium made them and she says she is totally addicted to crochet and spinning and dreams of having a little shop of her own some day ... well with beautiful handmade products like these I think she should open her doors tomorrow ... but luckily her online shop is already here ...

..Le coeur en poche online shop..

..via KaartjesHuis..

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Odd & Woolly...another very creative women from the Netherlands today, her name is Naomi and she says she is the self 'manager' of Odd & Woolly...a small company selling lovel handmade felted items, like music boxes, jewelry for children, key rings and little bags...according to Naomi  felt is such a beautiful material... you can work seamlessly, make it look robust and soft at the same time...if you agree, click here to view her collection and visit her online shop...

..online shop..

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Benk...this Dutch label designs handknitted babyhats & -mittens. Classic, vintage patterns with modern colors.  Angelique Roelofsen is the wonderful women behind this lovely label. Together with a group of Dutch women the pieces are being carefully knit with 100% merinowool from the merinosheep.

..where to buy..

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