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Guest Post: Garbo&Friends


Garbo&Friends is a new label from Stockholm, Sweden, with their first collection about to be in stores in January 2013.  We met the lovely Ingrid and Susann last season at Playtime in Paris, and we were immediately taken by their gorgeous collection. The colours and patterns they designed are just beautiful, with some very nice detailing. The concept of Garbo&Friends is to make pretty products that make both babies and their parents happy, and they definitely succeeded! 

xxx Esther


..Babyccino Kids

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Guest Post: Oh Joy with Shoes


{1. Tip Toey Joey  2. Girl's Oxfords  3. Glitter Ballet Flats  4. Black Dot Classics  5. Polka Dot Oxfords  6. Rain Boots  7. Basket Rayures  8. Chaussons-fourreacutes}


~ Ever since having my baby, Ruby, last year, I'm a bit of a nut over kids' shoes. Here are just a few of my favorites...many of which I wouldn't mind having in my size too! ~ Joy


..Oh Joy Blogs



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Guest Post: Animal Masks


It's nearly Halloween here in the U.S., so these dreamy (and slightly dark!) photos from the ever-so-talented Delphine Jouandeau are hitting the spot today! Wouldn't Khali's animal masks fit in so perfectly in this photo shoot? Happy Halloween to those of you celebrating (I'd love to hear what sort of costumes you're planning for your littles!).~ Erin

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The making of the Great Parade lamp


**guest post written by Hylkia from Hartendief

Last year I, founder of  Hartendief, asked paper cutting artist Geertje Aalders to design a silhouette for our shop with animals in it. We actually met via Twitter- and finally we met in person when we were both attending the Flavourites live fair in november.

For Hartendief I was looking for a happy and funny design with animals, and Geertje was inspired by my idea right away. Just a few key words were enough to set off a creative explosion in Geertjes work space! And within a few days the Great Parade was finished.


Geertje started sketching first, with white pencil on black paper.

After that she began cutting the animal shapes out of paper. I love the drumming crocodile and the elephant with the party hat! Geertje placed the original papercut in her room, where it shows off beautifully against the white wall.............. more >>>


After cutting the original, it was scanned into Illustrator and processed into a work file. A precise job, not every detail could be cut, so a few snips and snaps were made to make the design smooth enough to be cut by computer. The end result is a silhouette cut out by a CAD system in silver shade foil, which leads to a beautiful black and white silhouette when lighting the lamp at night.

Below is the Great Parade in the house of Marielle from House of Dots. She fell in love with the lamp and bought it for her son's room.


The Great Parade is available in many colors. To see more images of this cheerful lamp and all the other funky lamp designs from Hartendief just visit us right here.

If you can't get enough of Geertje's amazing papercutting art and you'd like to see more visit her web site here.

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Guest post: Tolo toys...


**Guest post written by Marieke van Proosdij from Pimpelwit

Every so now and then I receive newsletters from some great internet shops. It is always very tempting to see what great new stuff they have, specially now I have a kid. My little one is growing into a real boy now and likes cars and everything on wheels. He plays from the moment he wakes up till he falls from his chair, so tired after a hard day of playing. He also likes new adventures...I am still talking about playing...                                                           Read More>>>


So when I received the newsletter from psikhouvanjou I could not resist and ordered some great new toys from Tolo. I invited one of his big buddies Bruun and when they both saw the new toys they where going wild. Absolutely great stuff. It lookes adorable, al the legs and arms move and twist around.


..Tolo toys..
..images by Marieke from Pimpelwit..

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Guest post: Styling ideas by jolien Kadijk...


**Post written by Jolien Kadijk

"Small ideas, big effects"

I love funny accessories in the kidsroom that makes a child's room unique. Like the photo circulating around the Internet of the Ikea spice rack which is used often in children's bedrooms as a bookshelf. Whether the additional decorative edge that you can sew yourself on the bottom of the Ikea curtains (idea of the New House Project) mentioned earlier on Bkids.

I like to use small wall stickers, like these apple stickers (available at HikjeinHuis) on furniture and those small suitcases. It makes an old vintage suitcase more modern a new suitcase more personal. The secret of an original children's room is to add genuine ideas and extraordinarily accessories.


With a specific theme in mind you gather stuff to decorate the kidsroom. For example, embroidery. For my own daughter, Jula, I went looking for embroidered items for her bedroom. I found a great embroidered strip and fixed it to the wall above the dresser (see top image). Another good idea for the girl's bedroom is to use old embroidery patterns as a wallpaper, which I saw in a shop in Amsterdam. The embroidered bag we brought from Thailand (see picture below).


Would you like to see more tips from me about interior styling than just click here for my website.

..kinderkamer stylist..

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