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Zara's 2013 Favorites

In a blink of an eye another year has past and it's almost time to start 2014. The start of another year brings the excitement and joy of another year of birthdays and accomplishments for our little ones. And for BKids it also means another year of posts, discovering new DIYs, fashion for kids, room decorating inspiration and tips, and so much more... Before that, let's take a trip down memory lane with 5 of my favorite posts from 2013. ~ Zara S.

1) Instagram Mommies

A fairly new column to the Bkids family in October! We already spend too much time on Instagram, so we thought sharing some of our favorite instagrammers with you would be perfect.  These talented moms give us a peek into their lives with their adorable kids, through their creative shots. We're always on the hunt for more instagram mommies to share with you!

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

The first instagram mommy we featured Anne, and her adorable daughter, make us smile!

Check out all the instagram mommies here.

2) DIY Fun: Animal Mask

With the help of our wonderful contributors Nora and Veronique, we get to share a variety of fun DIYs that you can do with you children. Great for weekends when the kids are out of school. With over a 100 projects posted so far, our favorite from this year is the cute DIY animal mask.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Full Animal Mask DIY here.

Find more DIY fun here.

3) Timecapsules

It may be too late to give as a Christmas gift, but the timecapsule is definitely a gift worth giving. The beauty of it is how it can be given to almost anyone, and that person can fill it with the things they hold dear. 

For a new mom, it would be filled with the milestones for their child. Or any little souvenirs they pick up along the way.

For a teen it could be ticket stubs for movies or concerts, and photographs or notes. The possibilities are endless.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

More about the timecapsule here.

4) Über Cool Beds 

In children's furniture news: One of our recent posts featured these super cool Adventur junior beds. These classic woodcut beds are the bees knees! 

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

More of the Adventur junior beds here.

5) Sweet Paul Kid's Holiday Issue

We have been loving Sweet Paul but this Kid's Holiday issue is just perfect. With pages of beautiful visuals and crafts for the little ones to get the creativity on, what more could we want from this magazine? Doesn't even have to be the holiday season, these DIY projects are timeless, and definitely a kid pleaser.

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Bloesem Kids | 2013 Favorites

Can't get enough of Sweet Paul?

We want to thank everyone for reading and commenting here and on facebook and our other social media platforms. It's always great to interact with the readers and hear from you guys, the things you like and the stuff you don't. On that note, we wish everyone the happiest of holidays and that every kid gets exactly what they want for Christmas. Okay not exactly. Let's not get carried away... We will be back to regular posting in January 2014! See you then!

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Apple green details!

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

 I just shared a post on Bloesem Living about a design competition in the Netherlands that was organized by a paint company and Dutch furniture designer Piet Hein Eek. One of the 101 winners or named 101 Characters is Maaike from My Deer ... perhaps the name sounds familiar ... we recently featured her in our instagram mommies column.

Just like we love her instagrams so do we love her sense of styling. Aren't these rooms for kids not just perfect? I love the apple green details, it makes such a great alternative for the often used yellow, pink and blue. More pics below the break. Enjoy!

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl
 Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

Bloesem Kids | My Deer.nl

All images by Maaike.

.. My Deer


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At home with La Fête


Sometimes a connection just works right away ... and this was certainly the case with Nora Vrba from La Fête   and me. Ever since Nora has become a regular contributor to the BKids craft projects page she and I often chat via email ... so it wasn't only logical that we met in person when i was in AMsterdam last month. 

It always feels a bit like a blind-date when meeting someone after being friends online for a long time. Nora was kind enough to invite me to her home. So I brought my camera (only with a very small close-up lens) and was hoping she would allow me to take some shots. To give you an impression how this lovely Mom of 3 year old Puck has decorated her home.

Nora lives in an apartment on the third and fourth floor in Amsterdam. They completely renovated and connected two floors to each other ... and they have a rooftop garden which is not very common in Amsterdam.




At the end of november 2011, just when Nora decided to quit her job and start as a freelance art-director, she was diagnosed with breast-cancer. After intense treatment Nora was able to fight the cancer and we are all very happy to say this horrible disease has left her body! Of course I was a bit hesitant to ask Nora about this tough period in her life. But she was very open about it and I was in absolute awe about her strength and positive attitude towards the future. Truly inspiring and admirable!!




LaFete_Nora_party_paper  LaFete_Nora_bedroom


The moment Nora found her strength back she wanted to do something productive and so she started her online shop La Fête. All the beautiful party decorations are carefully handmade by herself.

Next to that Nora loves to collect art ... soon she will be writing posts for Bloesem Living and tell us more about where to find, to buy and what to look for when bringing art to your home. 

Today just some lovely impressions from Puck's little corners in their home. Hope you enjoy my images!



All images by me, Irene Hoofs, founder Bloesem blogs.

Nora from La Fête

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A visit to De Kleine Fabriek


We, yes the boys and me went to De Kleine Fabriek yesterday ... Lode and Kiet felt like really big boys helping mama with her work. Especially Lode was excited and choose his favorite outfit :)

Getting a real name tag made it even more real. I went to De Kleine Fabriek last year too and was my overall feel a bit meager last time, this year I felt De Kleine Fabriek did a fabulous job with decoration and feel of the entire hall.

And although I as a blogger get a press invitation I do feel that De Kleine Fabriek should work much closer with bloggers. I believe they don't understand the concept at all of how bloggers help spread the word word about smaller brands and the international outlook we can give to brands. When I walked into the press room wearing my press badge they almost interrogated me if I was actually press ?? I feel they still only focus on traditional magazines ... their miss and with that no help to their exhibitors. 

Just an impression today of what caught my eye ... later today an introduction to a beautiful brand from Vienna and the lady behind this new label.







 {bottom 3 images: Caroline Ellerbeck : Koeka celabrating their 15th anniversary : prop-shop by IJM}

All images by me, Irene.

.. De Kleine Fabriek

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Creative inspiration for the weekend


Marsha Golemac is a Melbourne based creative specialising in Paper Art and ever since I have shown some of her work  on Bloesem (when writing about Love Mae wrapping paper ideas) I have been a loyal follower of her.

Marsha's Paper ideas are a great inspiration to me and I am planning on making a paper chandelier this weekend with my boys ... of course it won't be a big one like the one she made with all the children, but just a small one for our home probably with some nice messages on it ... [MORE IMAGES BELOW]

I wish you a lovely weekend too and love to hear what your plans are!





The Paper Chanderlier was een idea to celebrate The School's (great idea too) first Birthday.


.. Marsha Golemac

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Rooms we adore in France


I am a huge fan of Aurélie Lecuyer taste and styling ideas ... seeing her complete home today gave me so much inspiration.

She lives in a former school near the city of Nantes with her family and authors the blog La Dans La.

You might recognise corners of her home from other pictures ... Aurélie is a freelance stylist and works for brands like misha lulu, Famille Summerbelle,Tove Johansson and Nido.

Enjoy the inspiration!








.. the socialite family

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