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Merry Christmas everyone!

Bloesem Kids | Merry Christmas everyone!

In between running around in their pyjama onesies, the boys are helping out with some last minute Christmas decorations, and my parents have also flown in for the holidays.. It's starting to sink in real quick for me that Christmas is just tomorrow! I look back on 2015, and boy, it's been a crazy year to say the least.. But we're incredibly thankful to be able to come so far doing what we love.. And for that we have all the amazing people we've worked with and of course our supportive readers to thank! Thank you, for a fantastic 2015!

For now, it's time to take a little break and get busy preparing for a big Christmas Eve dinner.. It truly warms my heart to be spending quality time with my beloved family this festive season. Here's to having the best holidays with your friends and family! Merry Christmas from Bloesem to you!

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SALE in the BloesemWears shop


Only a couple more pieces left from my latest collection Bloesem Wears Pearls ... so I thought I offer you all a BIG discount ... everything has been marked down by 30% or more.

Do you love pearls as much as I do...  how about letting your girl wear one of these playful necklaces made out of AA rated pearls, Italian cotton ribbon and handmade by me.

The super cute 9.25 silver charm bracelets are a perfect gift for any girl below the age of 6. I didn't make them myself,  but loved them so much that I bought some for the Bloesem Wears shop.

The little doggie and apple necklaces with gemstones are made by me ...

You can visit my shop right here ... looking forward seeing your order in my inbox!

Ps. all of you who order BEFORE the end of this week are getting a little surprise! ~irene xoxo

..Bloesem Wears shop SALE

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BKids Wear Neon SALE


One year ago I announced this project: BKids Wear Neon. A collaboration with my dear friend Vivien, whom at the time was working for Bloesem too, but her plans have changed BIG time she is moving to Paris but before she and her family are going on a trip around the world!!

Yes that is right a world trip... I'm going to miss her so much, the good news is that I can visit her soon in the beautiful city of Paris.

We enjoyed creating and designing the BKids Wear Neon necklaces. Our trips to the markets to buy the svarovski stones and neon threads. Making them together and having a real photo-shoot with our four kids.

Many of you placed orders and we are very thankful for that, perhaps mostly we regard it as a compliment that you like our necklaces and with that our idea.

But is is time to close the shop and offer you our final necklaces at  a big discount of course... 50% on the entire collection. Just enter the Code: BLOESEM when checking out.

Most of the necklaces are for kids, but we also have some Mom-daughter sets which you may like for the summer. I'm very happy to see the NEON trend is still alive ... so add some color to your spring or summer outfit with one of our necklaces that come with a 9.5 sterling silver closing. 


..BKids Wear Neon

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Wear Neon and Etoile et Moi


I am so glad to see the Neon trend is still very much alive... both in fashion and interiors... just look here with all the neon inspiration on pinterest. Perhaps you remember how Vivien and I launched the BKids Wear Neon jewelry collection... and today I thought it was time to give it some renewed attention.

I used the beautiful kids clothes from Etoile et Moi to give the necklaces that little extra and for you to be able to imagine how the necklaces might look when wearing soft beautiful pastel colors with them.


Read More >>>

The Etoile et Moi collection for girls is by far my most favorite line. I absolutely LOVE the blouses and skirts for the summer. The designs are fresh, funky but sjiek and I would dress my girls if I would have them in these clothes.

Etoile et Moi is the label from Katell Le Cué-Guiho, who also lives in Kuala Lumpur but is French from origine...


..BKids Wear Neon ... go shopping!

..Etoile et Moi

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Bloesem Kids Wear Neon


SUPER SUPER EXCITED... today I'm finally able to share with you a new project that I have been working on with my dear friend and BKids' colleague Vivien.

BloesemKids Wear Neon...  our new collection of funky, happy and cheerful necklaces for girls and boys.

Vivien and I both love the colorful Neon trend and came across these beautiful cotton neon threads in a small shop in KL. And thought they would make perfect strings for necklaces. 


It was very important to us to create necklaces that were at the same time not too jewelry-like and would last for a long time. Therefore we chose to work with only high quality materials. Original Swarovski crystals, two Neon threads of elastic and cotton and for the closing we used 9.25 sterling silver.


All necklaces are handmade by Vivien and me. We also made funky felt pouches, painted in pink neon, to carry and protect the necklace. Or later can be used for different purposes… I actually use one as a passport holder.

Tea_bluestar_500 Kiet_bluestar Anais_diamonds Lode_neonstars


Our four kids were very much involved in the whole process. First as our test-panel: and they were not easy on us I can assure you... specific demands by them were all taken on board in the final collection. Together we chose the color combinations, the mixing and matching of the crystals and of course they wanted to be our models for the photo-shoot.


We’re quite nervous to show you this new Neon collection, but despite our stage-fright we decided to share BKids Wear Neon with you today and simply enjoy the moment.


Even baby Kiet, 2yrs old, wanted to be part of the ‘Wear Neon Wave’...  and he specifically chose this light golden starfish, proudly sitting on a throne and be the perfect model during the shoot!
When our friends noticed the kids wearing these colorful necklaces they immediately asked for one too... so we guess they also think they are kinda cool... hope you do too!


We truly hope you love our BKids Wear Neon as much as we do... please help us spread the word and if you are already in the mood of buying one then head over to our SHOP right here!
Our kids love wearing the necklaces which makes us feel proud! BloesemKids Wear Neon makes them feel pretty, happy and excited and that is all that matters!

Irene & Vivien
Ps. We also have special Mama sets, could be a nice Mothers day present!

ps. if you are a online shop owner and interested in carrying our collection pls do not hesitate to send us an email.

Go shopping for the BKids Wear Neon collection!

A BIG Thank You to An Van Daele who helped us with the photography. You can find her portfolio right here and her blog here. And another thank you to Marjon Hoogervorst for making the top image!

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#481 once upon a time... fairytale jewelry


Once upon a time...there couldn't be a more appropriate name than this...fairytale inspired jewelry for children made and designed in Italy! So very beautiful and when thinking of Lode's girlfriends here in Kuala Lumpur who always want to dress-up as princesses I believe these necklaces, bracelets and ear rings would make them so very Happy. I love the packaging as well, every jewelry piece comes in small book telling the original story...

..once upon a time..
..once upon a time - in English..
..once upon a time blog..

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