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Polaroid present

Bloesem Kids | Polaroid Present

This Christmas, Veronique from Pichouline gifted me this Polaroid camera and it has to be the best present! Before i go on about how much i love the camera, Thank you Veronique!

The camera is a great addition to the Bloesem creative space. We already have so many plans for it. To make moodboards, making shots of our favorite things, people and places around the studio! Tiong Bahru in Singapore is definitely an interesting place worth capturing. Just the other day we saw a guy in a suit wearing a huge helmet that was very unproportionate to his body. We also have this old man who always comes and visits the studio, we could get a photo of him to remember his daily visits by.

If any of you want to get a gift for a loved one or a friend, we suggest this polaroid camera. It's so much fun and great for memories.

Bloesem Kids | Polaroid Present


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The boys room in Amsterdam

Bloesem Kids | boysroom

Yeahhh ... I had the honour of sharing our Amsterdam apartment on Remodilista!  If you are curious to see what our place looks like click here and visit what I believe is the best online source for interior decoration ideas ....

The table, chair, lamp and metric map are all from thrift stores I visited this summer while being in the Netehrlands ... I love it when you only spend around USD 50.- and be able to make a room look nice! (and if you really wanna know the prices, chair 4.-, desk 10.- lamp 3.50 and the maps were each 8.-) the HEMA baskets in blue were probably the most expensive :):)

Do you ever visit thrift shops? What kind of things do you like to shop for?

Bloesem Kids | boysroom

All images by me, Irene Hoofs

.. Our apartment over at Remodilista


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I Did iT 2.0 ...


Time for a new light to shine on BloesemKids ... Marjon made this picture in my home.

My dear Readers,

Those of you who also read Bloesem Living may have wondered, after seeing its revamp earlier this week, what about BKids...? And you are right. You had to bear with me for a few days...but I managed to finish BKids’ new design right on schedule...a bit of a scramble last night...sorting through (or rather suffering through...) the last bits of code, but I did it! Yes, your editor in chief has designed, built and coded this new look herself...not bad hmm?...if I might say so myself...:) ...the why, what, how...you can read all about on Bloesem Living... no need to belabour some of the obstacles I found on my way to get this done, but I would recommend reading the basic guidance, do’s and don’ts that may come in handy when you decide to embark on a project like this... (not sure though I would recommend going about it in the same way I did!)

I am super excited of course... both blogs up and running in a new design just before  the busiest time of the year starts ... you will have guessed it ... the Holiday Season is almost upon us... lots of things to get ready for ...

To me, the new design, it almost feels like launching Bloesem 2.0; I think the best way to describe it is that somehow it seems this heralds a new episode for Bloesem and me, somewhat of a tipping point after more than six years of blogging... and I don’t mean things like getting bigger or better, but just the sense that my readers, you, and sponsors alike really know why they visit and like Bloesem... similarly, I have over the years developed a clear(er) vision where I would like my two blogs to go... this has been an evolving process of course and certainly not a straight line from A to B, but more like a very enjoyable journey, making and changing plans along the way... and we’re not there yet...! So stay tuned... I truly hope you remain my travel companions for years to come?! Much love irene xoxo

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Making pictures ... and some explantation


Dear BloesemKids readers,

It has been one of those months where the work has just been piling up…backlog, backlog, backlog! I am sure you know the feeling … one step forward and multiple steps back… and on top of that, I am also back to a one-woman operation until I find someone to help out on all sorts of back office stuff and social media … (let me know if you can recommend anyone, preferably in my time zone…)

But I cannot complain, feeling completely re-energized by this wonderful mentioning of  the Bloesem Blog in the UK The Independent newspaper of last weekend… with Bloesem landing in 4th place of their blog awards …! So, thank you Independent editors, UK readers, you my dear readers and my sponsors for your continued support for Bloesem … which was needed more than ever before I can assure you for me to, as the British say,  “keep calm and carry on”…


But not to despair … one of the reasons I have been in the trenches is because I am about to launch a revamped Bloesem … and I am doing all of the actual tech-work myself!! … talking about a steep learning curve … but looks like after two weeks or so outside my comfort zone … not sure in which zone I was :) but suddenly I saw the light … I think I might actually be able to pull it off!

Anyway, I promise to write a separate post on my “html/css coding travails” next week, sort of a Biz tutorial … my sincere apologies to all the sponsors, new and existing, for the delayed responses to your emails … it is great to see that there is so much interest in Bloesem and I will respond to you, so please bear with me … and while I am getting my admin house in order during the next few days, I will go a little light on the new posts … I hope you understand … Bloesem will be back in full swing in a couple of days … I will see you then! ~xoxo Irene 


ps. Marjon made these images of my boys while she was visiting us in KL. The cool crocodile t-shirt is by Chicken Rhythm and the pillows in the back were all made by myself using fabric from ikea, tas-ka and ittikid.

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Some favorite toys in our house


Seeing your kids play and having fun is probably one of the nicest parts of being a parent. Their imagination, their way of 'embracing the moment' is something we grown ups re-learn by reading books about it ... they just do this naturally.

When we arrived in our Amsterdam apartment last summer I promised my boys to buy them a box of KAPLA, something I couldn't find here in Singapore. And I haven't regret it at all ... it is just an excellent toy. They learn something from it and they can use it in so many ways. I even brought it back home here with us to SG. Of course playmobil is and will always be a favorite in our house.

What are toys you really like and perhaps recommend for a Christmas or Sinterklaas present?





ps. no this is not a sponsored post ... just something about my family that I like to share with you :)

All images by me, Irene Hoofs, founder Bloesem blogs.


.. playmobil


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Bingo with Birds


While we were having our vacation in Amsterdam we were staying in our own apartment ... which happens to be in the famous 9 Little Streets area ... yes I know we are very lucky. My husband and I bought this place almost 15 years ago and it was our first home together ... very special indeed :)

Normally we rent it out but for the summer we decided to keep it for ourselves and this gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore my home-city in the best way possible. Walking from our home to 'Het Spui' is only possible when I pass a super tiny street and it is in this little street that I discovered HearHear Amsterdam ... a tiny two story shop in Amsterdam ... and with 'tiny' I really mean 'tiny' ... unbelievable to think that back in the old days families would actually live here.

I am rambling on because I am so passionate about the canal area in Amsterdam ... feels like one big outdoor museum, you can almost feel the history of the city by strolling along the canals ... but let me get back to the subject of this post ... Bird Bingo ... a game I couldn't resist during my visit at HearHear. The game is of such high quality and made so beautifully ... of course the gorgeous bird illustrations by Christine Berrie help a lot :)

My boys and I haven't played it yet but I am sure it will be one of those all time favorites from now on...






All images by me, Irene Hoofs at Bloesem Kids


.. Bird Bingo at Chronicle Books
.. HearHear Amsterdam
.. Christine Berrie
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