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From Print to Party in minutes!

Bloesem Kids | Printable Parties from Two Pooch Paperie

Parents who find it hard to come up with a party theme or get suitable decorations for children's birthday parties, this post might be of interest to you!

Wish you could just print out the beautiful party decorations you see online? Two Pooch Paperie's Printable Parties are the next best alternative! They are available in two collections - Full Size for $40 (includes all 7 items - Invitation, Thank You note, Round Stickers, Favor tags, Cupcake Toppers, Place Settings, Circle Banner ) or Pint Size for $25 (includes your choice of three items from the full size collection). These customizable high res files allow you to create, print, assemble and finally decorate, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. (Great for when you are short for time too!)

Bloesem Kids | Printable Parties from Two Pooch Paperie

Bloesem Kids | Printable Parties from Two Pooch Paperie

They come in a number of themes, from race cars for the boys, to a princess party (pictures above) for the little princess in your family. (They even have some for the adults, like a bachelorette party theme.)

.. Printable Parties
.. Two Pooch Paperie


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Make 3D confetti


Are you loving paper, dots, graphics as much as I do ... then start making 3D confetti like Véronique from Pichouline did. She wrote down the steps for us and made very clear pictures that will also help your children to understand exactly what to do.

I would use let my boys choose their favorite colors and once finished hang the confetti confetti dots on their bedroom wall or use them as garlands for a party!

Follow this link to the tutorial how to make 3Dwall confetti...



.. 3D Wall Confetti

.. more BKids craft projects

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Welcome Colette!


You might wonder why I haven't shared any craft projects with you lately .. well my friend and wonderful contributor Véronique Senorans Osorio from online shop Pichouline just gave birth to her third child ... baby Colette was born last month and I would like to Welcome her with lot's of love to this world and wishing her all things fabulous for her life.

Colette is very lucky to have such an amazing and sweet mom (and dad of course) who has created the most beautiful and awesome birth announcement AND gifts you can imagine.

A giraffe themed package arrived in my mailbox ... a little box with a wallet and key hanger, a cute little giraffe, some delicious golden wrapped chocolate all packed in a small linen bag and last but not least the letter-pressed card with golden sides.

Just perfect! Thank you my dear Véronique and we all hope you will be back soon with a craft project for us!





All images by me, Irene Hoofs.

The card was printed by Tiny Risselada from Letterpers

Véronique on pinterest


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We made Easter Butterflies...


Lovely readers I hope you have had a very beautiful Easter weekend ... egg hunting games fun with the kids? In the Netherlands we actually have a Second Easter Day, any other countries too?? ... but in any case it helps me today with not being too late to share with you some Easter buns we made last week.

While Ruth (our nanny) was kind enough to make the dough for us, Kiet and I did some shaping and decorating... and as you can see the result wasn't too bad.

I used MerMag's lovely free downloadable stickers!






All images by Irene from BloesemKids.


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Often the idea of creating a memory box came to my mind, because there just aren't many nice ones and I love keeping little notes, things and memorabilia  ... but never ever could I have created a 'box' this beautiful ... the word memory box doesn't even do justice ... TimeCapsule is much more appropriate and sounds so much nicer, intriguing and exciting.

I LOVE TimeCapsules.







Product desginer Anouk van der El and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm have done an amazing job creating this product.

TimeCapsules is the perfect way for you to capture and hold onto the big moments in life; the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell, a graduation. Whatever your special moment is ... with TimeCapsules you can keep the memories of these milestone moments in life alive ... and how exciting to open the capsule after many years... do you think you remember what you placed inside?

On the website you can find all the details of what is inside the TimeCapsule and how to order one.


..I LOVE TimeCapsules.

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Four years old and counting!


Crazy busy lately... moving house ( tell you more about that later this week), a new school for the boys (always good for exciting times) and my baby boy turns 4 today! ... even more excitement in the house!

I am so very thankful for this little guy in our life. He is a happy, pleasant, naughty, funny and just a very sweet boy. I am also very proud of him and his brother for cooping so well with this move to a new country and going to a new school, sleeping in a new bedroom and all the chaos that comes with moving house.

Normally I like to make things myself to decorate the cupcakes, but this year there just wasn't any time. So I was very happy when I found the beautiful meri meri products in a shop here in Singapore yesterday.

I bought the Brave Knights kit and that was a very smart move of me... Kiet LOVED it and I think the kids in his class too .. or were it the delicious cupcakes :)

We celebrated early this morning at the breakfast table singing songs for our little boy and gave him his presents. A puzzle from djeco and cowboy playmobil. Both brought happy smiles to his face... and ours :) ~ irene xoxo





photo-credit: all images by Irene from Bloesem

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