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..it's Emma from Emma Cassi

Friday, 4 July 2008 by Irene Hoofs


This is the beautiful house of the multi-talented French women (and mom to Anton) living in Richmond, near London ... Emma is a 'lace jewelry designer', an 'interior stylist' and 'still life kids stylist', maybe you have seen some work from her for Famille Summerbelle...Jewelry
{Some of the beautful jewelry peices by Emma Cassi}
1. ) Can you tell us a little about your self,  your background, and how you started making gorgeous jewelry and being a successful stylist?I studies in Art school (Beaux arts) in France, I specialised in landscape drawings and installations inspired by my family history. Very influenced by the embroidery of Dries van Noten , I started to create bags and jewellery for myself. When I arrived in London in 1999, I started my business. I am selling my jewellery in Designers Guild in London, HP France in Japon and I am hoping to find a retailer in the US. In addition to my jewellery, I am a freelance stylist. I started by working for Country Living magazine, then assisting interiors stylists. Since my son Anton was born, I am working freelance.Styling

Image: styling_sumerbelle.jpg
2. ) This styling project for Famile Summerbelle is amazing…do you always use a theme when working for a styling project or do you just start randomly and let the stage grow? What are the main characteristics of your styling projects?
It depends but generally it takes a few weeks to put the idea together, research and find what I need. Luckily, I am rarely restricted in my ideas even when I work on major projects such as catalogues for the likes of Laura Ashley. My style is evolving with trends, movies I’ve seen or simply outfits. And then the idea grows from there... For example at the moment I am thinking of using food as a background for a fairytale story like Hansel and Gretel .

{styling project with children}
3. ) Do you like to work with children and products for children…and if so what makes it fun?

I like to make things as well as using kids products. With children styling, I can paint (with Anton), make funny things. Recently, I had to make a world out of felt: backgrounds, cakes, hats, clothes for the toys catalogue of a big brand. I am always looking for toys, clothes and new things for Anton. Most of the time, my work doesn’t really feel like work but more like a fun project.
{Anton’s cars cabinet}
4. How does your styling work reflect in your own house, are you very focused on details here as well? Did you make this great colored cabinet yourself?
I would love to do more crazy decoration with more lace and wallpapers in our home but I am working here most days so I have to balance my adventurous ideas with more practical ideas. I opted for a fairly simple decoration but there are details everywhere, like jewellery hanging on the walls and mood boards. We have found the cabinet in a market and I have just painted it.
{Anton’s bedroom}
5. ) I really love the colors you use at your home and in your work, where do you get your color inspiration?
Most of the time, it is art; we often go to Tate Modern. I am also inspired by clothes and art shops where I buy tubes of paint for Anton.
{Anton’s bed and his books}
6. ) Where do you find all the nice pillows? Is your sweet boy, Anton, happy with his beautiful room and what does he like best in his room?
I  have found some cushions at Cath Kidston but all the other ones are handmade with Liberty or vintage fabrics. I like to change the decoration often and now he is asking me to surprise him with new things in his bedroom when he comes back from holidays. He loves his Brio train and he is changing the tracks all the time... and we have to be careful not to trip on them.
{the livingroom}
7.) Where do you live and what kind of house…and I couldn’t spot a television in your house, is it not there or do you have a perfect solution to hide this ugly monster?
We live in a split house and yes... we have a big grey tv. It is in a corner of the living room and no I haven’t found a way of hiding it. I’d like a small flat screen...
{livingroom with details}
8.) What kind of easy decorating tips can you give, so we are all able to create beautiful rooms like yours and how do you start creating the little accessory corners?
I like to match similar soft colours so I don’t feel the need to change them. I like to add personal things... Something new, something old, a touch of handmade and craft, the best is to read Isle Crawford, “Home is where the heart is”, she explains how to create a well balanced home.

8.b) What mistake do people often make when starting to decorate a room?
It isn’t personal enough. You can follow trends and borrow ideas but the end result should look like you.
9.) What kind of magazines and websites or blogs do you like to visit for inspiration?
I look for Milk, Vogue living australia and Marie claire maison and from time to time elle deco uk, cote est and ouest.
*web* 2dimanchetse-tse and TanteTini
*My daily read* Garancedore, designsponge, finelittleday and madamechacha
*My weekly* Lilouka, Liiviantalossa, Scout-holiday and Cerfapaillettes 

{kitchen front}
10.) Where did you buy that great cabinet for your plates above the countertop?
We bought it at the Conran Shop but Tse-Tse are doing the same one.
{Kitchen table and chalkboard}
11.) I noticed a little menu on the chalkboard, are you a cook yourself or do you pay more attention to the way it’s being served and decorated?
I love cooking. Even when I don’t have much time to cook, I do my best to make something. The most important thing for us is to eat together every evening. That’s what we’ve always done in France.
We make menus when we have guests we cook specialities from France and family recipes.

{office corner}
12.) You created a small office corner in your living room, I know many people like me find it hard to keep the clutter out of sight, what kind of tips can you give to keep this corner look nice?
It is difficult to have a clean space, every 2 weeks, I have to reorganise my lace and beads. The best way to keep it tidy is to put everything away. I love the vintage utility old drawers we found in a antique shop because I can have all my beads, sequins, lace and stationery and it is the perfect look for the living room. I like to keep things in old boxes, wire baskets... I think the best buy is the new white plastic lace basket from Skandium (originally made for bikes)  but they look great to store envelopes, papers or magazines.
{the Bedroom}
13.) Please tell us a bit more about this wonderful bedroom and it’s details, it’s so peaceful and tranquil a perfect place to sleep…? Is that just some wallpaper at the bed end?
The paint I have used is ”linen” from Laura Ashley, the wallpaper cut as the bed end is from Cath Kidston. I am using vintage linen sheets and vintage lace bedspread in the summer and quilts in winter.
I collect lots of handmade ceramics from Mint and I have just started to make white lace printed pots with self dry clay. I keep them on the shelves in the bedroom. I have hanged some of my favourite necklaces and I keep the colours all beige and of white...

..styling information..

{maybe you recognise this beautiful house ... Emma has been a guest of Grace and Ann over at Design*Sponge earlier this year and here you can find some more lovely images}

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