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it's Jenny from LMNOP

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 by Irene Hoofs

LMNOP_banner LMNOP is It is so much fun for me to prepare these Open House Tours and get a chance to get to know talented women like this weeks guest, Jenny from LMNOP a bit better ... Jenny is the founder and creative director of the free and super beautiful online magazine about design for children ... LMNOP only showcases unique labels and designs for hip and stylish parents ... LMNOP, Laugh Make Nurture Organise and Play ... Jenny lives in Australia and today she tells us a bit more about her life, her family and and LMNOP ... please enjoy!LMNOP_Jenny_heart

{Jenny with son and heart on the wall}
1.) Can you tell us a little bit about your personal background and who the cute little boy in the picture is?
Growing up as a kid, my family travelled a lot and lived in different countries. We were very close and still are even though we don’t live in the same city. I’ve worked for over 18 years as an Art Director in the advertising industry. My husband Ian MacPherson is a commercial photographer. We combined our talents in 2007 to create LMNOP. The cute boy in the picture with me is our 4-year-old son Riley. He’s definitely the joy of our lives.LMNOP_desk  

{Jenny's desk}
2.) I have met you via your gorgeous online magazine LMNOP, why did you start this magazine and what are your future plans for LMNOP?
I’ve always loved reading magazines. So when I became a parent I started to seek out parenting titles, but couldn’t find one I liked. Ian and I saw a gap in the market for a contemporary publication for parents and their children. Something that was beautifully designed, clever, fun and entertaining. And that showcased unique children’s products from around the world.
We also realised there wasn’t really a great, affordable place for small businesses in the children’s market to advertise other than in newsstand publications. So we founded LMNOP in October 07 and launched our first issue online a couple of months later in December 07. We have big plans for LMNOP – stay tuned!LMNOP-Photoshoot

{Photoshoot for LMNOP}
3.) What does making an online magazine like LMNOP involve and which parts do you really like and what would you rather like to skip?
At LMNOP we conceptualize and photograph 95% of what you see in the magazine. It’s a lot of work. But we have a small team of very talented people who help us put LMNOP together. We brainstorm story ideas at length. And spend a lot of time sourcing unique products and brands to showcase in each issue. Once we know what’s coming in to be featured, Ian and I collaborate and start conceptualising  each story. Production commences shortly after – sourcing backgrounds and props, finding locations, and finally the photo shoots. Then the design and copy writing happens.
I really enjoy collaborating with contributors from all over the world and discovering unique things for parents and their kids. Releasing a new issue each quarter is definitely the highlight though. And the only part of my job that I’d prefer to skip is the late nights that I work. It can be pretty grueling sometimes.LMNOP_livingroom

{The livingroom}
4.) Where and in what kind of house do you live and with whom? What do you really like about your house?
We live in a heritage listed 1920’s house. I live here with my husband Ian and our son Riley. It’s an older style home so it has lots of character and lovely features. All the rooms have ornate ceilings and we have a small courtyard out the back. It’s a tiny house and sometimes I wish we had more space, but it’s in a fantastic location close to the city. There is a lovely park and playground at the end of our street, which we go to quite often.LMNOP-propery_jenny LMNOP-propery

{The Propery, Jenny and Pearl Fay (LMNOP Senior Stylist) searching for props. And Propery, table with items}
5.) I received some great images from you at the Propery, what exactly is the Propery and why do you like to go there, what kind of items are you particularly interested in? Is the Propery also a place where you search for props for your magazine?
The Propery is a fantastic bespoke props hire business here in Sydney. We often go there to search for items and surfaces to use as props in photo shoots. You can find all sorts of things there from vintage suitcases to exquisite crockery pieces from France. Pearl and I can spend hours there.LMNOP_livingroom

{Jenny's son's drawings on the wall}
6.) Your house doesn’t look cluttered, but very clean and well-organised, how do you balance your love for buying vintage and collectors items with keeping your house open and spacious?
We tidied up for the tour. It’s rarely this uncluttered. Ian and I are constantly picking up Riley’s toys. I believe when children enter your life you have to be prepared to share your space with them – and that means letting them have the freedom to spread their toys and activities around. That’s how they play. Riley loves to stick his drawings all over our walls. So we let him. I’ve recently started to only pick up the house at the end of the day too – once he’s in bed. The mess doesn’t drive me so crazy now. I think any mother can relate.
All of the pieces I’ve bought over the years are safely tucked away in the attic at the moment. Our house is small so we don’t have the room to clutter it up with too many things. Certain pieces come down from the attic at Christmas time – I love collecting vintage ornaments.  One day when we have a bigger house we’ll get to enjoy some of the things we’ve collected over the years.LMNOP_Childs_rack

{Son's bedroom and clothing rack}
7.)Is this great clothing rack hanging in your son’s bedroom? What kind of toys does he really like to play with and what do you encourage him to play with?
It was a hand-made gift from a very good friend of mine. I had seen a picture in a magazine of one similar and was telling him how much I liked it and how I wished I could have it for the nursery I was decorating. He surprised me a few months later with this gorgeous shelf. Gifts that people make you are truly special. I love this piece.LMNOP_Childs-Room

{Son's bedroom}
8.)I love the framed print above the drawer very much, where does it come from and who made it?
I used to collect vintage children’s playing cards, colouring books, cloth books and flash cards. I’d have my favourites box-framed and then hang them in Riley’s room. We have so many. I rotate them often so we get to enjoy all of them.LMNOP-quilt_boyroom

{Quilt and artwork from Riley}
9.) Do you make these quilts yourself? What are your hobbies and do you involve your son in these?
Before Riley was born I use to make quilts in my spare time. I have so many unfinished projects – this is just one of them. Each of the nursery rhyme squares has different textured fabrics and embellishments incorporated in to them. I have a HUGE collection of fabrics and hope to find the time to get back to quilting again someday. Sewing was always a great form of relaxation for me.
Another hobby of mine is baking, which is something that I’ve done with my son from a very young age. Riley helps me measure out the ingredients and stands close by when it’s time to lick the bowl. There is always something sweet to eat at our house so it can be a dangerous place to visit if you’re watching what you eat!  I love to try new recipes. I’ve been on the search for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe for years now and have tried many versions. I finally found ‘the’ recipe a few weeks ago. That felt like an achievement I tell you.LMNOP-bedroom

{The Bedroom}
10.) The framed family images bring such a serene and special feel to the bedroom, do you have any other decorating tips for us how to make a bedroom warm and cozy?
My husband made this bed head for me as a gift when Riley was born. It’s a great place to display photographs, with shelves concealed in each side for our favourite books and magazines. It helps to keep everything organized. I love using flowers through out the house too – I think they always lift a room.


{Garden party}
11.) Please tell us more about this party, the superb decorations, cakes, cookies and what did you do during the party?
We recently celebrated Riley’s 4th birthday with a rather large party. We always celebrated birthdays big in my family growing up and I’ve continued the tradition. I spend weeks planning and preparing for it. My friends think I’m nuts, but I truly enjoy making everything and creating a magical day for my son. This year I baked Smartie cookies (the kids love eating them off a stick!) and a rainbow birthday cake. I recently discovered Cookie Couture Nadine Ingram’s wonderful bakery here in Sydney. I asked her to make some cookie medals to hand out as prizes after some party games. Nadine also made the number 4 gingerbread cookies which I used to tuck into the party favor bags. The vintage party blowers are lovely aren’t they? I found those at my favourite toy store, Monkey Puzzle in Summer Hill.LMNOP-typewriter

{The Typewriter}
12.)… and finally what is your magic tip to start something for yourself, work from home and combine this with being a mom?
Don’t procrastinate! I never spend too much time thinking about whether I’m making the right decision or not. Choose something that you are passionate about. It sounds cliché but it’s SO true. And include your children in your business where ever you can. Riley is never far from us when we are working. I also try to get as much work done during the evening as I can. It’s always fun to get an email response at 3AM from another mother who is making the most of a quiet house like I am.

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