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it's Julie from Beerlala

Monday, 15 March 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Please meet this warm and energetic women, mom and artist from the Netherlands... Julie Hendriks. Julie is a graduate from the art academy in the Hague and started her own art label for children, Beerlala and sells her beautiful pieces online right here. She temporarily lives in the house where she grew up as a child herself, but hopefully soon moves to a new found home.... 


Can you tell us a bit more about the house where you live and with whom you live there?

I live here with my boyfriend, Duco and our two kids, Beer (8) and Puck (2). The house belonged to my father who lived here long ago with my mother. He was a blacksmith and his store is still downstairs but not with his ironwork but with my art. It was a house where all my brothers and sisters once lived when they turned 18. For us it's a temporary home because our old house , wich was too small, is still on the market. This house will also be on the market soon. Until then we can live with alot of more space and air to breath.


Is music important for you and your family or is the piano more a furniture piece in the home? 

Music plays a big role in our lives. I grew up with classical music and my brother is a successful classical singer. The piano belonged to Duco's uncle. We have it mainly for Beer who likes to play sometimes but it's more here for decoration, for now. You never know.

The art-piece in the picture is from Tieson. Duco's parents gave it to him. It's always has an important place in our house.


How does your life as being an artist reflect in the way your home is styled and decorated?

When I graduated from art academy I painted everything I could find, old tables, chairs, boxes, I found in recycle shops to sell in my Beerlala shop.  I still love to go to those shops and hope to find those treasures that I can turn into real Beerlala's . I can go all out in this house, especially in the playroom.


Do your children play an important role in the way the house is organized and decorated?

Absolutely! Beer has autism. For him it's very important to swing, bounce and play all day. It makes him more calm and focused if he moves. Now he has his own sort of sensory playhouse.

With Puck is different, she also loves to bounce and run but she can play so much better and natural than Beer, it's amazing for us to see how a normal development is. That's why I'm allways trying to let Beer play a part in our playing together so he can learn.


What do you look for when searching for new inspiration and what tools do you use for this?

When we knew Beer was autistic it was harder for me to paint and illustrate because of the work and therapy he needed and still needs. When I took pictures of him and all the things we did on our little trips arround the town I began to get inspired to paint and draw more again. I used his pictures for Beerlala prints, drawing over them in Photoshop. Childrens books are important for me also, I love to read them and get inspired, especially the old books from the sixties and seventies. Magazine like MarieClaire Idees been much of an inspiration, Modern art, music and ofcourse the internet with all the great design/art Blogs. Sometimes it's hard not to surf too long there!


How do you balance being a mom, taking care of your family and having your life as an artist?

Sometimes it's difficult because right now, I have tons of ideas for new work, like Beerlala necklaces, more panels, painting bigger on canvas and the children books that I'm working on right now. We have a traditional way of living, I'm taking care of the children and my art and Duco is working as a video editor for television. He makes long days and works even most weekends but it is good for Beer and Puck. It's predictable and save. I'm hoping Pucks afternoon sleep is still important for her because that a good time for me to get back to work :-)


What makes this house so special for you and what characteristics from the house do you try to bring forward as much as possible?

It's special for it's history and for processing the loss of my father the past year. The open spaces and high ceilings are terrific. I hope the new owner will hold on to it's uniqueness and atmosphere.


What kind of toys, games or activities do you encourage your children to play with?

I'm encouriging lots of pretend play, although it's difficult for Beer. I've made Puck her own dollhouse, kitchen and I have a therapist who teaches me to let Beer play more and together with Puck.


I notice a lot of chalk walls in your home, why did you choose for this?

Beer loves his numbers and the alphabet. He's allways writing them down. For this house, with all the space I had to have a whole wall for him to wright one.


What are your dreams for the future?

My dream is to find the perfect home after this house where I can work, the kids can play an we all live calm and happy.


Thank You Julie Hendriks from Beerlala

..Julie's blog..

..Beerlala etsy shop..

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