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Meet Mom Marta from Lisbon...

Monday, 29 November 2010 by Irene Hoofs


My name is Marta, I´m a fashion designer and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a gorgeous son with 9 months, his name is António.
My passion has always been fashion and I currently work in my studio which is an extension of my home. I have an online shop and I usually write in my blog. I love to work with patterned fabrics. Probably because I love color. I work a lot with african and asian fabrics. I always buy some fabrics when I travel.

I live in a sunny apartment with my husband, son and our 3 cats. I love this house because our previous apartment had no natural light. This one has tons of light and it´s always warm, even in winter! Although I love this apartment, I dream about having a house with a garden, so my son can play outside.
Here in Portugal we´re lucky ´cause we have sun even during winter, so people take their kids to outside playgrounds. Even so, I dream about having a house with a beautiful garden to lay around and watching my kid play.


I love decorating! Since our previous apartment was so dark, I decided I wanted to have a bright new one, so our walls are all white. For now! Maybe one day we´ll change.
When I was pregnant I decided I didn´t want a blue or pink baby room, so we painted one wall in a very bright grey with white clouds. The other walls are white. Everything else has colour: the baby quilt I made, the wall stickers, etc...


I usually buy LivingEtc, Elle Decor (UK) and AD (Spain). They are my favorite magazines.
My son usually plays in the living room, but if we leave the room, we comes following us crawling. He ´s discovering everything and we are now taking some "extreme measures" to make our home baby proof. In my neighborhood I love to buy vegetables and fresh fruit from a local market.


General and Upbringing
I always think on 2 sides about raising a child: raising them in the city or in the countryside. A part of me would like to raise my child in the country, and maybe one day it will happen. But Lisbon it´s a good city to live and raise a child: it´s sunny, not violent and culturally open. So it´s not a bad city to raise kids.


I don´t have just one role model, I have many: my father, my mother, my husband and some friends for various reasons. My father is a leader, ambitious and generous. My mother was extremely affectionate, I have the best memories of her and she´s a true role model has a mother. My husband is passionate about life, never quits anything and is super amusing.


A perfect day with my children is watching him play and hearing his laughters. It makes my day!
Honestly, I don´t have any favorite books about "how-to-raise-your-kid" values. I believe every child is different and methods depend on your child personality. Also, the best mother tool a woman can have is her own instinct. Of course now and then I have some doubts, and when that happens I usually visit babycenter.com.
I think the most important value is Love. Love is never too much. Being affectionate and showing I´m always here for my son is a priority. Also, I want to show him the importance of being tolerant and not prejudiced with others.


Craft and DIY projects:
To keep the house clean when crafting, I always try to clear up everything when I end crafting. I think this is the secret to find everything tidy when I want to start crafting. It´s a simple method, but it works for me! While crafting, forget being tidy! :) Worry about that in the end!
I prefer to name myself as a fashion designer, but I´m also a bit crafter. I usually take some ideas from other blogs, but I always change them my way.
Well... my kid is only 9 months, so he´s too small for kids crafting so I´m not there yet :) But I guess I will soon discover some great projects to make in a few months!! I do want to keep everything, so one day I´ll give him his masterpieces!


Playing and relaxing:
I have a funny story about celebrating birthdays: I´m not a fan of big parties, but last year I was 37 weeks pregnant and decided to plan a big birthday party for me. I planned everything, It was gonna be a great party... but my son decided to be born the day before!! So I had no party :)
This year I want to reunite everyone again so I can have my birthday party. But usually I like to celebrate special days with a few special people, cooking something or eating out in a nice restaurant.


I don´t have any musical instruments in my house, but I have a passion for pianos...
My favorite books for children are Anita´s. They were part of my childhood and I love them, hope my kid will love them too.


I am absolutely a cook and food lover! I don´t eat meat, only some fish and vegetarian food. I love to try new recipes and I create a lot of them too. In fact, I have a secret food blog. I´m not prepared to reveal it to the world yet, but one day I will!! I also love desserts. This is my favorite dessert blog.



I love to travel as a backpacker, with nothing booked. I prefer simple things and seeing non touristic spots. Since António was born I made one trip with my husband to Morocco without our son. We wanted an adventurous trip, and our son is to young to enjoy this kind of trip, so we decided to go just the 2 of us. But we real want to travel with him one day. We still don´t know what kind of trip it will be, but we are already thinking about this. Any suggestions?  We already made some small trips around Portugal with António and we try to pack only essential stuff, but with a baby it´s difficult. We have to be organized and leave the non important stuff behind.


..Marta Mourao..
..Marta Mourão blog..

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