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Meet Mom Kim from Portland...

Monday, 20 December 2010 by Irene Hoofs


My name is Kim Sly and I live in Portland, OR with my husband, two sons & our large cat {Gato}. I am an artist/designer who has a passion for illustration, and I recently launched an online design boutique with a small line of graphic tops for children, illustration prints for all ages, and a custom line of paper goods.

My mission is to create fun & personal design for all ages.  About a year ago I decided to step out of my corporate job and take the plunge to follow my dream. My mom always said "do what you love & the money will follow"....Well the money may not be following just yet, but I am doing what I love! Please visit my shop here or you can also stop by my etsy shop.


What kind of house do you live in, are you and the kids happy here or is there anything you all terribly miss …?
We live in a small ranch home in a suburb of Portland.  I love our house b/c we have completely renovated it, and it fits us like a glove. Other then wanting more space from time -to-time we couldn't be happier with our little pad.


Do you like to spend time on decorating your home and the children’s room?
I wouldn't say I love to decorate, but I am obsessed with designing and re-designing my living space, every room. My home is absolutely an extension of my art & design passion. I don't spend a lot of money for a variety of reasons,  but I do visit second hand shops frequently & craigslist is my BFF.  My husband often says" if my wife could paint the cat she would!"  It's probably true, I am almost always working on a new project, and I'm often changing or rearranging something.


Where do you look for interior inspiration, favorite magazines, websites, blogs?
Blogs, blogs, blogs.... I love all of the following (and in no particular order).. Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, OhJoy, Design Crush, Poppytalk and many more. My favorite home magazine was DOMINO, but sadly my friends and I just mourn the late publication. I loved that magazine b/c it was the only one that featured good design, but it wasn't unobtainable for someone on a budget {just my style}!


Any tips for keeping the house clean when crafting?
it's a losing battle for sure, I try and do most of my projects in my workspace or in the garage, but no matter what it typically ends up all over my house. It's particularly difficult with young children in the house. Normally I look around the house at 5:45ish and start cleaning up the days wreckage, otherwise I would spend my days cleaning up.

Are you a crafter or DIY person?
DIY person for sure! DIY person for sure!  I love that in almost every room in my home there is a piece of furniture or something that has a story behind it, and probably the left over paint on our garage floor could tell you all about it.
I wouldn't say I am a design snob, but I am the first to admit that I can not stand the " I bought everything at Ikea or Crate & Barrel" look.


What do you do with all the projects your children made at home or in school?
I don't currently have the best system for displaying my children's art,  but we do have a magnetic strip that proudly shows off my children's art in their playroom.

What are favorite games in your home?
Building forts! Almost every day a fort is built in my household, usually my husband is the architect and builder, but sometimes it's me. However it's always my son's that
are on the demo crew.

Are there musical instruments in your house?

We have a guitar that my husband plays sometimes, and my kids love it! I have no musical ability, so it's up to my husband to help out our kids in that dept.


How do they prefer to spend their leisure time?
Currently top on the list of leisure sports for my children are: climbing over the back of my couch and rolling on to a big pile of pillows. Another favorite is dress up as your favorite superhero or Starwars character and chase chase chase....

Are you a ‘cook’ or ‘food’ lover or both?
I am a food lover and my husband is a cook which works out well for me!


What kind of place do you like to go to on vacation with and or without the children?  
We often travel over the mountain to Bend, OR to visit my mom and brother. It's an added bonus that it's a great family city. I love it so much I even did a print of it. It's a great place to take children, as there is no shortage of fun outdoor activities for everyone.

What place do your children love to go to?
We visit all of our neighborhood parks, in the limited number of sunny days here in Portland we try to take advantage of the nice weather and frequent new parks.

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